Why your growth is slow in Digital world?

Digital marketing is a platform accessible to all and everyone can make money and reach a maximum number of people and sell them services and products while sitting at home. A person with high-end knowledge on this topic knows everything about this industry but for a newbie, it is quite difficult to use this platform to earn a passive income for life.

Knowledge and tricks on how to gain more customers using digital marketing tools will get you more income but what if you do not know how to use all these tools together to create a bigger user database for your website?  This all depends on your potential, if you are willing to learn something new every day you will go far in this industry. There can be some factors that can help a new person in this industry and you can use these tricks to increase your user retention.

Quality Content

If you are in digital marketing you must know that content is king and the right content will always grab the attention of many users online searching for some quality information.  Try to make your content more attractive and more informative with some formatting and some technical words. Include images and videos in it and always try to write at least 500-600 words on every article.


Search Engine Optimization helps you to index your pages in Google and rank them for your targeted keywords but if you are targeting the wrong keywords, your SEO will not fetch you the results that you want.

Keyword Selection

If you are a starter and you want to rank for your keyword use keywords with SEO difficulty below 10 with high search volume. Do not make the mistake of targeting keywords with high search volume as it may have high competition in your niche and you will have to work for a very long time to rank for that. Always prefer long-tail or medium tail keywords at the start.

Quality Backlinks

Once you have targeted your keyword now you need some quality backlinks from some high authority domain to increase your domain authority which will help you increase your website rank in Google rankings. For this purpose, you can buy some high authority PBNs to create backlinks of your website. If you need to buy PBNs your website, click on this link.

Social Media Presence

Create a page of your website on twitter, facebook, and Instagram and connect all those platforms with your website. Social media is used by everyone presently so take advantage of that platform and increase your web view by sharing everything on your social media pages. This will help you in getting more traffic to your website.

Niche selection

Traffic and user retention also depends on your niche selection. Some common niches like Health and Fitness, Entertainment, Beauty have high competition and it is difficult for you to rank above the already ranking websites here. For that, you need to apply all those methods mentioned above and have patience for some time.

These suggestions will help you if you feel you are growing slow in this digital marketing industry. Do not compare your growth rate with others and always try to read more about new tricks and tips prevailing in the market to increase your knowledge and use this knowledge as an input to make your business model more popular among all.


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