Top 3 TV Game Shows

From ancient times, people have been fond of playing games. Whether it be outdoor sporting games or indoor games, people from all era of time loved them. With the advance of technology, television came into existence and so as TV game shows came into existence. From the very beginning of its existence, tv game shows had taken over the interest of the audience and more people were keen to take part in those game shows. In this post, I will share some information about the top 3 TV Game Shows which are ruling over the television industry.

1. Jeopardy!

Taking the first place on my list is the game show called “Jeopardy!” It is my favorite tv show and no doubt it is the favorite of numerous game show fans. It has a pretty interesting concept where the answers are given first and the contestants have to find the questions for them. Three contestants compete with each other in three rounds to win prize money. Any contestant with zero dollars after the completion of the second round is eliminated from the game. “Jeopardy!” is also available as a mobile application where you can download the game app and play with your friends and people across the world. 

2. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular game shows around the world. It was started by Merv Griffin in 1975 and is still on air after having some changes in its gaming rules. In this game, contestants solve word puzzles using vowels and consonants and win prizes or cash which is decided by spinning a wheel. Contestants can opt to buy the vowels by using 250 dollars rather than spinning the wheel for consonants as this might protect them from going bankrupt. An online version of Wheel of Fortune is also available, where you can participate in puzzle solving contests and win cash. The good thing about this online version is that you can take help from various websites to seek a probable answer for the puzzle. Wofcheatsanswer.com is one such platform that can help you to find probable answers to Wheel of Fortune puzzles and help you to win big prize money.

3. The Price is Right

This game takes third place on my list. This game show is one of the all time favorite tv shows of people across the US. Hosted by Drew Carey, this game show is featured on the CBS network. The concept of this game show is that four contestants among the audience are called up to guess the retail price of some day-to-day used items. The winner among those four contestants is decided on the basis of who has the closest bid to the actual price of the item. The winner then joins the host to play the game on the stage where he has to guess the prices of 70 different items. An online version of this game is offered by the CBS network where viewers can enter the Price is Right game from the comfort of their homes.

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