Things You Should Never Plug-In Your Power Strip

There are some appliances and things at home that only require a power outlet to run smoothly. Whether you live in an apartment, mobile house, big house, dorm home, hostel, or any rented place, you need to be cautious before using any power strip for certain home appliances to avoid any sort of mishap. There is no way that you have enough power outlets to support all your electrical appliances at home, you will need a power strip at a certain point in time. Although some appliances can be used at home through power strips or you can use a power surge for them, those that require high voltage should be avoided at any cost. Here are some things that need to be plugged separately in a socket for a constant power supply. 

Refrigerator and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are large appliances that require large voltage and they even frequently trip in between which might blow your power strip. It is better that you use the original power socket with the correct voltage to power your large appliances like this. Plug them in a separate socket so that your electricity never fluctuates in between. Suppose you plugged it in a power strip and added some additional appliances in that power strip your electricity circuit at home may fail at that moment.  


Microwaves are indeed a very good gift of technology to humans, the modern busy life really needs an appliance that can cook food or reheat the already baked food in a couple of minutes. The Microwave is the improved version of an oven that came a long time ago but with limited uses. There are certainly many differences between microwave and oven and one such major difference is power consumption. The microwave requires more energy and voltage and a separate power outlet is required for using it and saving your home circuit. 

Heaters and Air Coolers

Another big and most common appliance used at homes is heaters and air coolers. They both are designed to trip in between and when they restart, they instantly draw a large amount of energy that cannot be provided by a power strip. These appliances need a dedicated power outlet at home to run efficiently otherwise they can cause serious damage to your home and burn the circuit as well.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are large appliances which maybe not very common at homes but it requires a large amount of energy while turning on. Although they are portable they require a high voltage switch at start-up. If you are using an extension board during start-up, it is going to blow up the whole home circuit and can overheat the internal wiring, leading to igniting the fire inside your house.

Hair Care Appliances

Haircare appliances like hair curlers, straighteners, or hair dryers are power suckers and they need a power socket to soak in high amounts of electricity. They may look small physically but they never compromise on the power requirement. They need to be plugged in separately if you want your electricity circuit to run smoothly without facing any issues.

However, apart from these appliances, some more appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and other power strip geysers need separate power outlets to avoid electricity abuse and ensure safety. You may plug your television or computer in these outlets but make sure you bring the best power strip for pc or television.


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