Skin Care: Glycolic Acid Toner

Just as you enter a store with ample amounts of skincare range, you feel good isn’t it? Don’t you feel like buying everything you could lay your hands on? But is it really possible? Will your pocket allow you to buy something that you cannot really use? Is it really smart to buy things that do not even suit your skin?

What is suitable for your skin is a question you must be wondering..I mean, nowadays there is such a wide range of skincare products that choosing what is right for your skin..putting everything aside, people usually forget that exfoliation is a very important process..that is, getting rid of the dead cells accumulated on your skin..and even when people are well aware about this step of skincare, they do not have the correct product to carry it out.

In detail, our skin has a lot of pores and when debris enter and clog these pores, it causes acne, blackheads and whiteheads..to get rid of this debris and clogged pores, exfoliation is done. Basically, this process is the foundation of the skincare procedure, that is, it enables the products to seep in the skin to do it’s magic(I mean can a building stand strongly without a strong foundation? No, right?)..just like that, your skin cannot stay healthy until and unless it is exfoliated properly and regularly.

In this area, the glycolic acid toner reviews have been nothing but positive..it is claimed to be devoid of fragrance, cruelty(bonus..it means it has not been tested cruelly on animals), mineral oil, paraben and sulfates..it is also said that it corrects the inconsistency of the skin and makes it radiant and shiny.

There are four key ingredients used in the preparation of The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and each offers a different function.Following are the components of the toner:

  • Glycolic Acid – enables the exfoliation process and helps the elimination of the dead skin cells
  • Tasmanian Pepperberry – curbs the irritation on the skin
  • Ginseng – it improves the complexion(makes your original complexion healthier)..and enables healthy new skill to develop after dead skin cells are removed
  • Aloe Vera – soothes the skin

Important Points to remember 

Glycolic Acid is:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid that makes skin exfoliation possible by breaking down the dead skin skills in the skin.
  • It is very important to mention that The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution acts as a less harsh exfoliating agent in comparison to other products in the market.
  • It is the smallest Alpha Hydroxy Acid with a pH between 3 and 4.
  • With a pH of 3.6, it is considered as the most effective exfoliator…that is, it eliminates the dead skin cells without badly effecting the skin and without making the skin lose it’s original nutrients and elements.
  • Glycolic Acid enables the skin to have a natural glow and it gives more clarity to the skin.

POINT TO REMEMBER: Too much of scrubbing/exfoliating can prove to be harsh for the skin as it may result in removal of essential nutrients or particles of the skin.


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