Proud to Be a Sister

Being a middle child has it’s own pros and cons(mostly pros), but having two siblings is a blessing as when you grow up together and share things with each other that you can’t even share with your parents.So, I am a middle child and the experience I am going to narrate you is a first hand experience. I have an elder sister and a younger brother and I am extremely proud of both of them and whatever I am right now is more or less their doing, they have helped me to become a confident,bold , kind and a loving human being. They protect me as if I am their child and I know they love me to bits. We enjoy each other’s company so much that we do not require a fancy place or a fourth person to hang around . But this was not the case when we were toddlers, my sister was a major bully! She used to tease me, call me names and hit me whenever she liked and when my brother started growing up, he teamed up with my elder sister and bullied me even more. My siblings irritated the living hell out of me and I was the poor kid who was already innocent and outnumbered at that. My siblings were super smart while bullying, they never came near me when our parents were around and the minute my mum was busy in some chore, there comes several ways to frustrate me.

As we grew up, we became closer and closer, now we understood each other and helped each other in times of distress. In fact, when I was on the verge of choosing my college and getting all the admission procedures done, my sister was there to guide me, she stood by me like a rockĀ  and made sure that every thing is done and dusted, she never wanted me to face any problem.

Anyway, my sister is a major hard worker, she has provided our family with in-numerous situations to feel proud of her, that is, when she became a chartered accountant, when she got employed in one of the major multi national company, when she consistently won awards for her excellent performance in her office, when she got promoted to the managerial level in her company after a very short span(generally such kind of promotions happen after a long gap, but her case was exceptional) and what not. Whereas my brother achieved a marvelous score in his CBSE examinations , then got admission in the top most college and then cracked the interview of the company that my sister works for. All in all, I am proud of my siblings and I love them to the moon and back. Although my sister and I are married and my little brother is studying, we still find time from our busy lives to keep a check on each other and solve each other’s dilemmas.

My parents organised a dinner party for our extended family to celebrate the anniversary of my marriage and they saw that how loving, caring and kind their kids were. They saw that their kids are hard working, warm and affectionate towards each other and the families, then my mother had tears of happiness in her eyes and decided that it was an Instagram worthy moment. She clicked a sweet picture of three of us hugging each other and uploaded on her Instagram with a family caption.


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