Most Rare Kind Of Red Diamonds In The World

It is undoubtedly that colored diamonds are rare. Truth be told, they include just 0.1% of all diamonds mined every year. Out of this rate, the rarest colors discovered are pink, blue, green, purple, and orange, yet which is the rarest diamond color on the planet? The answer is red diamonds

The biggest realized red diamond is an eye-getting 5.11 carats. In any case, most surviving reds are under a carat—and still, at the end of the day, you can hope to pay around $450,000 per carat for a Fancy Red with SI1 clarity. 

These stones are for the most part past the compass of the normal superstar or diamonds and dwell only in the assortments of those looking for elective ventures, enthusiasts or gatherers, and the top finish of jewelers around the world. 

Most Rare Red Diamonds In The World 

Moussaieff Red Diamond 

This three-sided splendid cut, Fancy Red diamond weighs in at 5.11 carats and is authoritatively considered by the GIA to be the biggest red diamond as of now in presence. The Moussaieff Red diamond is genuinely an incredible model demonstrating that the estimation of a colored diamond is obtained from numerous variables, not simply the carat weight of the stone. While the diamond might be far littler than different well-known diamonds, it’s color and the irregularity obtained from its brightness makes it one of the most significant extravagant colored diamonds at present in plain view. 

The DeYoung Red Diamond 

Contingent upon who you accept, this 5.03 carat round Reddish Brownstone was either moping as the adornment on a cap pin at a swap meet or as a major aspect of an assortment of domain jewelry acquired by S. Sydney De Young, a Boston jeweler. At first, misidentified as a garnet, it presently lives in the assortment of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. 

The Edcora Red Diamond 

The pear cut, 5.71 carats, Fancy Red Brownstone has disappeared from general visibility under the control of a clandestine private speculator or venture bunch in Hong Kong. There are no known photographs of this stone, making it a “lost stone” despite the fact that it has been well recorded to exist. Very little else is thought about the diamond, and moving along without any more assessment, it must be considered the biggest red diamond on the planet “informally.” 

The Hancock Red Diamond 

At the hour of its last deal, the Brazilian-beginning, .95 carat round cut, Purplish Red diamond sold for what might be compared to $926,000 per carat, beating its pre-deal gauge times eight. For a stone purchased in 1956 for $13,500 this was an astounding accomplishment and is credited with starting enthusiasm for extravagant colored diamonds that are so looked for after today. 

The Kazanjian Red Diamond 

Uncovered in Lichtenburg, South Africa almost 100 years back the stone has an exceptionally intriguing past. The diamond began as a 35-carat black bort sold for just £8 per carat. When the stone began being handled by the Gaudvis Brothers in Amsterdam, it began evolving color. Inquisitive, the siblings kept cutting the stone, changing it into the 5.05-carat masterpiece it is today. In spite of its magnificence, the stone was regularly neglected, being considered a ruby as opposed to a diamond. The ruby-red diamond was at the end purchased by the Kazanjian Brothers in 2007, who additionally gave it its present name.


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