Know The Basics About Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is not a very hard thing to understand, users who are using this platform for the first time can also understand the basics of Pinterest marketing within some days of regular usage. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to perform when it comes to Pinterest marketing and as it is a universal approach for everyone, Pinterest marketing is easy to perform and it is one of the easiest marketing approaches you can use for your business to expand and get more attention from users worldwide.

Create A Business Account

The first thing that you need to do before getting started with Pinterest marketing is to create a business account on Pinterest. A Pinterest business account will provide you many features like analytics, some other marketing features that can be very useful in the future for marketing, Pinterest tags, and widgets. Suppose you have an individual account on Pinterest with lots of content, you can easily switch to a business account without disturbing your previous hard work.

Select Relevant Categories

Before posting any content, identify the category which can benefit you the most in terms of growth and more visibility. The sole purpose of putting things into different categories is to make them available at the time when a user searches for that particular category and if you have listed your product in that category, you will get noticed by the user.

Post Your Original Content

There is nothing in this world that can beat the original content on any platform. As this platform is all about images and videos, you need to upload only unique pictures taken by your or created by you. The same goes with the videos as well, make sure they are of high resolution so that even if a person downloads it, he or she can receive the best watchable quality. Upload it in a quality that even if a user chooses to download a video of Pinterest to mp4 format it does not go down in quality or frames.

Use Keywords And Hashtags For Your Content

While creating a short description and heading for your image or video, put the relevant keywords between that description and title and use the relevant hashtags at the end to get more visibility. Use the keywords and hashtags that are low in competition and high in search volume and put that in your content and then publish the post.

Communicate With People In Your Niche

Pinterest is open for all and you can openly comment on someone’s pin or save them on your boards. Repin other user’s posts and communicate with them about their products, services or ask them about promoting your post as well. Do not just sit and wonder if someone denied your offer to repin or promote your posts, then everyone will do the same, keep on asking the people who are in your niche to help you grow.

Share On Other Social Media Platforms

Connect your other social media accounts also with Pinterest and share your pins directly to other social media accounts to get more people from there to view your work here on Pinterest. Use other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and quora to post your Pinterest pin link and get the views from there.

Use Social Media Tactics

Use social media tactics like providing free coupons to selected users for products, giving them discounts through various payment channels, ask them to include your content in their branded content, and ask their followers to follow your account.


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