Journey of my Married Life

Marriage is a tempting thing. Singles think it to be a wonderful and exciting experience while some of the married couples seem to be repenting over their decision of marriage. If you are single and are planning for marriage, then I suggest you read this post and by the end of this article you will understand the complete concept about marriage. 

Now, which life is better: Single life or married life? Actually, both have their own significance. When you are single, you don’t have responsibilities and you have the freedom to do whatever you like or go anywhere you want to. You can chill out with friends and spend as much time as you want for personal pleasure. But, when you get married new responsibilities come on your shoulders. You have to fulfil all the needs of your wife, and after having a baby you have to fulfil the requirements of both your wife and your child. You can no longer spend enough time with your friends or go wherever you want to.

However, it does not mean that married life is boring or that you should not get married. Every man has to get married to carry on his family’s genes. Although there are responsibilities, marriage life can be full of happiness if both the partners are loyal to each other, have faith in each other, and understand each other’s feelings. If the married couple have these qualities, their life will be better than any other single individual.

To clarify your doubts, I will share some minutes of my married life. I got married at the age of 25, with the girl I was in love with. Before marriage my life was similar to any other single guy but, after marriage my life changed. I was no longer the same person. As I loved my wife very much, I was committed to keep her happy and fulfil her needs for the rest of my life. We understand each other very well and support each other at every phase of life. We stand side-by-side to face every challenge of our lives together. It has been 10 years of our marriage, but you will be surprised to know that there had never been a quarrel between us till now.

My secret to this long lasting and happy marriage relationship is that I keep my wife happy and impress her by giving surprises to her. For instance, on our upcoming 10th marriage anniversary I am planning to make a special 10th wedding anniversary cake with her name written on it with golden cream. To make the cake more exclusive, I will add her favourite vanilla flavour to it and I have discovered a website that can help me to find the specific design for my 10th wedding anniversary cake with name

I hope you have found some value from this post and this post will help you to make a decision on your marriage. Please let me know if you want more information on this topic.


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