How To Start Blogger Website?

Blogging is still considered to be a rewarding profession but the time has changed and the competition is definitely high as compared to the past. Generally people write their own life experiences or they write about something they have knowledge about. Blogging is avery good way to reach out to several people all around the world and share your thoughts with them.

Earlier people use to earn a really good amount by dig blogging because at that time there were not many people into this profession, there was no need for any kind of SEO services to rank your blog on the top. But now the table has changed the competition is very high and every niche is full of blogs. Competition is high does not mean that you will not be able to earn from this source well now some techniques are there in the market which will definitely help you to go on top position. Wse will discuss about these services in the end but now let’s take a look on how you can start your own blogging website.

  • First of all, you need to pick a niche for you blog, like you want to write on technology, entertainment or your personal life experiences. Pick a niche in which you can create many articles.
  • After selecting the niche, do a research on the domain name which can describe your blog so that people can easily understand what you are going to share with them. Always try to pick a short yet meaningful domain name.
  • Buy the domain name and purchase a web hosting for your blog and connect the domain with your hosting.
  • Now create some basic pages of your blog website and add some attractive themes to your website.
  • After creating pages now it’s time to write your blogs, make a research on the topic you are going to write about and do not copy from any other website otherwise it will be spammed and penelties can be levied on you.
  • Make an attractive blog by adding images and highlighting the main text of your blog and write at least 500 above words in your blog.
  • After writing it’s time to do some SEO of your blogs and websites to rank it on google searches.
  • Keep posting content on a regular basis or on a regular interval to make it more engaging.
  • After getting a good traffic on your website and adding at least 10-15 posts, submit your blog website for google adsense.

Maybe some of you might not be able to do some steps and for that you can hire some SEO experts or you can Contact some SEO service resellers who will charge some amount but they will do all the work of keyword research and creating some backlinks of your blog network. This will help your website by adding some authority to your site and you will be able to see it in google searches. Many seo resellers are available online for this purpose and you can easily search for them on google.


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