Fifa Coin Generator Buddies

Brittany and Joshua are two young San Franciscans hustling every day to make it big in their lives, earning more and more to live a luxurious life. These two belong to two absolutely different professions, that is, Brittany is a financial consultant and Joshua is a fashion merchandiser but both had a thing in common, they loved their jobs and both of them were single. Brittany’s sister and Joshua’s friend were dating each other so they set up Brittany and Joshua on a blind date. Both of them went to a restaurant and following was their conversation

Brittany: So, mountains or beaches?

Joshua: That’s an interesting opening line, beaches without a doubt. You tell pizza or burger and fries? Also, your question back to you.

Brittany:  Pizza and fries with soda. Also, mountains every time. Hot coffee or cold coffee?

Joshua: Iced tea. Not very fond of coffee and you? Also, bright sunny day or cold winter night?

Brittany: Cold coffee all the time. I love Starbucks. I love cold winter nights, your question back to you and you’re an early riser or a night owl?

Joshua: I am a bright sunny day kind of person and I am an early riser and your question back to you. Sundays on the couch or out in the city?

Brittany:  I am a night owl, I like to party sometimes after my work is over and on Sundays I become a couch potato, I rest all day long. Now, your question back to you and  romantic , action or comedy movies?

Joshua: I like to wander out in the city on Sundays, I even go on weekend getaways. The genre I like the most is thriller. Be it books or movies. What about you? Also, I am out of questions now.

Brittany: My favorite genre is romantic comedies, I like chick flicks and clearly , we are poles apart. So, let’s get back to basics now, how do you like to spend your time?

Joshua: Are you sure you want to ask me such a mainstream question? (laughs) Just kidding, I love to play online games, especially FIFA.

Brittany: Hey! I love that game, but unfortunately I stopped playing it a while back , the game wanted some coins and I could not understand that algorithm. But truly, it is a very engaging game.

Joshua: I know right! Even I got stuck because of this, but I got hold of this fifa coin generator which helps to generate coins hassle free in the game.

Brittany: Oh, really! You are a savior, I was not able to play this game since so long, now I can play with my friends in peace.

Joshua: Okay let’s get back to our introduction round, cats or dogs?

Brittany: I love dogs, I own a poodle, her name is Rosetta and what about you?

Joshua: That is such a cute name and I am a cat person, back at home in Tulsa, my mom has three cats.

Brittany: So, you are originally from Tulsa? That’s in Oklahoma right?

Joshua: Yes, you are right! So, what about a FIFA night next Friday? I will let you win once or twice. (smirks)

Brittany: Sure, it’s a date and mind you, I can make you run for your money in FIFA. Who knows I might be a pro at it!

Joshua: Yeah, we will see. Let’s meet next Friday.



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