Enhance Your Child’s Character With These Moral Stories

When you are a kid, teachers cannot share and explain one-liners or big stories with you, so they try to teach you morals by explaining stories that involve fictional characters, animals, and superheroes that interest the small kids. But once you get older, people share real-life experiences with you and teach you about life problems and ways to get over those issues. Morality comes from experiences and teachings and as a kid, you will get all your teachings from schools and families. Click here to read more about moral values and read below about some of the best moral stories for kids.

The Thirsty Crow

A thirsty crow was traveling across a town in search of water. He searched for many hours, but he did not find water around. Despite endless hours of endlessly checking, he eventually discovered little water in the pot. The level of water was too low, and his mouth did not go into the water. The Crow started thinking of quitting and heading somewhere else in search of water. Moments later, he saw a pair of stones scattered nearby, and he picked up a piece of stone and dumped it into the container. He continued to replicate this method till the water-level had climbed to the point at which he could drink water. The crow drank water out of the pot and returned back home satisfied and pleased. This story teaches us to try hard for our goal and never back off.

Two Friends & The Bear 

Vijay & Raju were old friends. On a break, both stepped into the woods, experiencing the wonder of nature. Eventually, they could see a bear heading towards them. Both were scared. Raju, who learned everything about hiking tree branches, raced to the tree & went up immediately. He wasn’t worried about Vijay. Vijay didn’t know how to mount the branch. Vijay was wondering for a moment. He had learned that animals did not like dead people, so he collapsed to the ground then held his breath. The bear checked him and assumed he was dead. And, he moved in another direction. Raju questioned Vijay, what did the bear whisper into your ears, Vijay said, he told me to keep a distance from mates like you. The moral that you learn here is that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Always help others before you. 

The Boy Who Cried, Wolf

Once there was a shepherd boy who looked after a flock of sheep near his village and one day he thought of tricking the villagers by scaring them with the name of a wolf. He went into the village and screamed that there’s a wolf eating sheep, the villagers went out to watch it but no one was there, and then he laughed and said that he fooled everyone. He kept on following villagers for some time like this only and one day a wolf actually came to the field and started hunting sheep. He ran to the village in fear screaming that there was a wolf hunting sheeps, but this time no one believed him. He cried and went to the villagers that he lied before but this he is speaking the truth and the villagers went and saw the wolf running away and many sheep were dead. The moral that you get from this story is that you need to be true and honest and if you lie a lot no one is going to believe you even if you are right.


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