Differences Between A Prepaid Card And Gift Card

Both the prepaid cards and the gift cards are used to make purchases and you can avail of a special discount on both cards. A perfect example of both these cards could be the myvanilladebitcard which is a prepaid card and the home depot card which is a gift card. Although you can use both of them to make purchases online and offline, the major difference between these two cards is the balance that is inside the card. 

The balance in the prepaid card can be reloaded for indefinite times while the balance in the gift card cannot be reloaded, you can only use the card till it has a certain amount of balance in it. Even when you have a low balance on your gift card, you cannot really use them partially also to make payments. However, by using some online hack tricks, you can use your gift card even on a low balance. To have a deeper knowledge about these cards, read the information below.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are just like the normal debit cards that you use while you shop for something online or offline. You can use them in ATMs for withdrawing cash and you can use them to pay your utility bills, restaurants or hotel bills, or aunty sort of payment. The main benefit of prepaid cards is that they can be loaded anytime when you are running out of funds in your card and you can use them anywhere. Some prepaid cards are designed to work globally while many cards do not work outside your country. While paying bills with the prepaid cards you are charged less and you get instant discounts on many products, no matter if you shop it online from any e-commerce site or you go and buy it through a physical store. Just like any other credit card or debit card, these cards have a specific number, name, and expiration date and once it expires, it is a piece of plastic only. If you have a prepaid credit card you can recharge it until a limit as per your card, and once exhausted you cannot use them unless to recharge it again till the limit of that card. On the other hand, the prepaid debit card can be recharged more and you can use them by adding constant funds. There is no such narrow limit of recharge just like the credit card, however, you need to pay a monthly charge for using this sort of card. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are also used for purchasing products online or offline just like you use your regular prepaid card. They too have an expiry date written on them which is generally lower than your regular prepaid card, they are loaded with a certain amount of value and you can use them partially or fully to get an additional discount on the products. Most of the online or offline stores use gift cards to attract more customers by giving them off on all their products, but you can only use them in their store mostly. But now big giants like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are offering gift cards to the user that can be used anytime, answer for any brand which offers more flexibility to the user to shop more. Unlike prepaid cards, these cards cannot be used by reloading the balance again and they are not widely accepted by most merchants.


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