Confessions of a Teenager!

Riley is a thirteen year old boy..just like another teenagers, he is all riled up in his head..he has officially entered his ‘leave me alone , you’re ruining my life‘ phase with his parents..but his parents are as graceful about it as they can be..they are taking this behavior of Riley very sportingly as they know that teenage life is difficult as it is..already your body goes through so much of changes and at this time, friends matter the most. They know that they have a good kid and he will surely come around as and when he grows up.

So, Toby- Riley’s father with a head held high and heart full of a lot of courage and patience asks his son to calm the hell down because he has recently been fighting with him mom, Tribeca..he has been constantly arguing that he wants to leave school to become an assistant director for movies..to which his mom denied(she is the impatient one) because obviously, he is just a child..and leaving education is nothing but an absolutely wrong decision.
Riley never understood that his parents are out there to protect him..he always considered them as his enemies because he thought that they had levied a lot of restrictions on him..which of course is for his benefit alone.
Anyway, Toby sat Riley down for a normal chit chat about life..Riley reluctantly sat and answered to his father’s questions about his school, friends and the things he wished to do once he grew up..Toby explained Riley that he could be whatever he wishes to, when he grows up..to which Riley gave him a nod and said thank you to his father and hugged him. Riley apologized to his father for being such a pain for everyone and promised to be a better son and an even better person. His father was ecstatic and a little overwhelmed..he knew that this Riley was his actual son..not the fussy one. So, to make Riley happier..his dad thought of a plan.
Next week was Riley’s birthday..and Toby wanted to surprise him by throwing a surprise birthday party in the most famous club of their area..Toby invited all of Riley’s school and got him the perfect gift- a penny board. The day of his fourteenth birthday was quite exciting for Riley because this party was all what he wanted..he was so excited to see everyone and enjoyed the night to the fullest and of course, he enjoyed opening the gifts thereafter…he could not understand his dad’s gift though..because he thought that it was a skateboard but smaller???
Toby explained Riley the difference between a penny board & a skateboard..he said that penny board is smaller than a skateboard, it is made out of plastic and it is available in a huge varieties. Riley loved this gift and couldn’t wait to learn it from his father(apparently Toby was an expert of riding a penny board)..so both of them, planned to practice how to ride the penny board from the next day, early morning.
His father said to Tribeca(Riley’s mom) that Riley might be a typical teenager but the way he loves his parents shows that he is a kind little boy..it shows that ultimately, he respects and loves his parents a lot. The teenager stuff and wisecracks will gradually fade away, but his kind heart would never change..he was sure of that.


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