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In addition to being the world’s supreme racing horse, the Thoroughbred has been used to upgrade “old” horse and pony breeds and has played a large part in inventing new breeds. They have been selectively bred since the mid-seventeenth century, and today’s Thoroughbreds can trace their lineage back to this early dynasty of horses.

Thoroughbred horses are considered the fastest breed of horse. Thoroughbred horses are descendants of horses brought to Great Britain in the 17th century. By the end of the 18th century, there were a considerable number of these horses in Great Britain. By keeping records of the bloodlines, breeders advanced in improving the breed. The first edition of the studbook appeared in 1793. This year marked a turning point in the development of the breed.

The history of Thoroughbred horses in America is closely connected with the history of the country. The first horse appeared in America in 1730. The tensions between the colonies and Great Britain slowed down the process of Thoroughbred imports. Political situations were not favorable for Thoroughbred breeding up to the end of the 18th century. Yet, Thoroughbred horse numbers plummeted in the 19th century resulting in the improvement of American stock quality. A considerable share of the Thoroughbred population was lost during the Civil War. However, the breed managed to survive hard times and is now extremely popular in the United States. The country is considered one of the leaders in the production of Thoroughbred horses.

The Thoroughbred is the fastest and most valuable of all horse breeds, with the biggest of all breeding industries. The Thoroughbred is clean-cut, lean and has very fine the skin that is so thin that you can see the veins beneath. The eyes are big and alert and the nostrils are large, well-suited for taking in breath when running. The long neck runs into the withers and long sloping shoulders. The colors are brown, black, gray, bay, chestnut.

The true “athletes” of the horse world, the Thoroughbred’s gracefully sloping shoulders, long legs, and powerful hindquarters have made it the ultimate racing machine. Alert, spirited and possessing of majestic presence, the Thoroughbred has an easy stride and strong, confident gallop. These traits make it an excellent choice for sporting events that require strength and stamina, including racing, hunting, and 3-day events.

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