Why Go For Post Office Monthly Income Scheme?

Post Office Monthly Income conspire encourages you to procure alluring profits for your investments. It’s a 5-year investment plan offering a yearly interest pace of 7.8% and gives fixed month to month salary. The plan is accessible in all post offices in India. 

In the event that you are searching for a protected investment alternative that will win you conventional returns, at that point you ought to consider one of the post office schemes. The post office month to month salary conspire (POMIS) isn’t notable among speculators in the urban pieces of the nation. The populace in urban India hopes to put resources into fixed deposits and other obligation alternatives for producing month to month earnings or even to simply stop their cash. Yet, the month to month pay plot offered by the Indian postal assistance, albeit lesser-known, offers a bunch of advantages to the financial specialist. It ought to be noticed that the post office is as yet one of the biggest financial specialist co-ops in the nation. As it is administered by the Ministry of Finance, it is likewise connected with more prominent believability than other investment roads. 

Why Choose This Scheme? 

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) is an investment conspire that guarantees the financial specialist ensured returns at an interesting pace of 7.7% per annum. These profits can be benefited as a fixed month to month salary. The most experienced of speculators believe MIS to be perhaps the best choice to put assets in, as it gives the client advantages of three sorts: 


  • MIS keeps the capital unblemished. 


  • It guarantees that the client gets a fixed month to month salary.


  • It yields preferable returns over instruments that are obligation based.

How To Calculate My Monthly Income?

Many online tools are there to serve your this purpose but if you are looking for some exact tool for this job, try using the MIS Calculator to calculate your monthly income from post office savings and investments. The process of calculating your income mount is very simple, you just have to mention your investment amount with the rate of interest on your plan. Do not forget to look for the type of policy or plan you have opted for as the plans carry different rates of interest depending on the time period and the type of plan. After completing the above-given steps you can click on the calculate button and see your monthly income amount on your invested amount.

How is the interest payable? 

There are three manners by which the interest can be benefited: 

  • The interest will be naturally credited to a savings account with the post office. 
  • The contributor can demand interest withdrawal consistently. He/she will get the sum either as money or through a check, as required. 
  • The interest can likewise be benefited through post-dated checks. The legitimacy of the check will be 3 months from the date of issuance. Be that as it may, this office can be benefited just if the checksum is more prominent than Rs.100. On the off chance that the investor has lost the check, he/she should sign a reimbursement bond for copy checks to be given.


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