Spirituality and youth

The modern world has so many interesting things in store for the youth. Amidst the modernization and urbanization, the youth of today’s modern world has found fascination in spirituality. A lot of youngsters these days are leaned towards spirituality. They have started practicing a spiritual lifestyle and there has been a massive transformation in the way youth perceive life in general.

What makes the youth so attracted to spirituality?

There are various things that have hold that attention of the modern-day youth. The reason for immersive leaning towards spirituality by today’s young generation is not anything in particular. There are many things, in general, that attract youth towards spirituality. If I have to pinpoint one single element or factor that has driven youth towards the spiritual journey, I would say that it is the crystals that have attracted a lot of young people towards spirituality.

Young people are generally not religious. Considering this factor, it is very difficult to understand why a large number of youngsters have found solace in spirituality. If reports are to be believed, most young people find crystals to be a fashion element. It looks cool and gives them a unique outlook. There are many different forms of crystals in the market today. There are natural crystals and there are man-made crystals too. Crystals like Galaxy Opal, Fluorite, Uvarovite, and Titanium aura quartz are among the world’s trendiest ones today.

I, personally, like the Titanium aura quartz. I find it unique and powerful at the same time. 

Is there any harm in being spiritual and not religious?

Religion and spirituality are entirely different aspects on their own. While there certainly are some references about spirituality in various religions, there is no established connection between religion and spirituality. You can be religious and not spiritual. You can also be a spiritual person without being religious. 

Most young people have a unique approach when it comes to following a religion. They do not like to follow a bound religion. They want something customized to their own interests and well being. Crystals are a part of the spiritual practice in different parts of the world. Different people use it for different reasons. A lot of them follow the practice of using or wearing crystals because it is preached in their religion. Such a practice is avoided by young people these days. They are more interested in the healing and aesthetic part of the crystal world. They don’t see it as part of any religious practice. They do not associate it with any religion.

There is absolutely no harm in this kind of an approach. In fact, this is a very practical approach that our elders failed to practice.

What are the other things about crystals that attract the youth?

There is something very peaceful about crystals. They make you feel at peace with the world around you. This is one of the biggest reasons for people to start using crystals. It cures any kind of physical and mental ailments and makes one view the deeper layers of life.


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