Shungite – A beautiful journey to experience 

Shungite is one of the most precious stones because of its healing and protective properties. On the basis of the first hand Shungite experience of the people they claim that Shungite works like any treatment, supplement, or pill. Whether we feel the effect or not but Shungite always continues to produce an effect on the EMFs nearby. It converts the vibrational frequencies into biologically compatible frequencies that are friendly with our cells and are saved millions of years ago.

A person with chronic pain who suffered for more than 50 years says that his lifestyle got modified with a variety of tools. It has become a daily challenge for him to deal with it. Medicines failed to bring him to normal. Finally, he brought Shungites and made himself surrounded with it at home and the studio and began noticing an increase in stamina, better focus, more stability and lower pain levels. He says as time flows by, things became better for him and all happened since the magical stone entered his life.

By the use of Shungite, people started getting peaceful sleep. Keeping a piece of Shungite below their bed helped them do so. People love to wear Shungite necklace, pendants both as a cosmetic and as a healer. They wear it 24/7 and started noticing major improvements in their sleep and natural positivity.

People experienced lots of positive aspects from Shungite. Shungite welcomes everyone into its arms and grants its wonderful healing and protective properties, but its large array of various products might seem to be a bit overwhelming, both to newcomers and to Shungite lovers. If you wish to have a comprehensive Shungite experience you should try different items with different purposes. That is why we present to you our list of Shungite must-have items, which will help you to achieve that comprehensive Shungite experience.

Shungite is known not only for its powerful physical healing properties,however, it is also an essential means of spiritual healing, balancing and grounding and the best Shungite item to experience all of this is the Shungite pyramid. Pyramid held great significance for different cultures over the course of history, especially in the ancient Egyptians and Mayans. The modern pyramid is considered as a link between the underworld and the divine that is why they were used as burial chambers. Because of its shape they can be perfect conduct of energy, seizing it from a large area with its broad lower part and directing it through its tip to you. Shungite properties make sure that the area around you is well filtered of negative influences

Some Shungite items are meant to protect very important parts of our body and the Elite Shungite pendant is just one of those. It protects the most important part of the body that is our heart. The dangerous EMFs and 5g radiation are lurking everywhere,so there is a constant need to shield ourselves from its harmful influences and Shungite is helpful in doing that. Elite Shungite pendants eliminate negative energy and promote love and affection. Shungite makes sure that the energy that flows through our body is always positive. Wearing a Shungite bracelet on the left wrist will let flow more masculine energy. Shungite is a great healer of the cardiovascular system. Shungite helps in the healing of damaged tissues and rejuvenates the entire body. Shungite has uncountable beneficial properties all around.


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