Benefits of gemstones

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Red Moss Agate: It is used by experienced gemstone healers. It is used to get in touch with Mother Nature herself, also used as a grounding stone in meditation. It is best utilized by wearing it close to the throat chakra. It is used as a focus to facilitate channeling and opening communication centers. Unlike so many other gemstones, Red Moss Agate can and will cleanse itself of negative energies.

Citrine: This stone is another front-runner in the world of gemstones. It is a beautiful yellow stone that will help to manifest your goals. It can help to attract abundance and personal power.

Obsidian: Is used once more as a grounding or protective agent. It is known to help bring forth the opportunity of change, serenity, and clarity.

Amazonite: A gemstone that is used to help improve self-worth.

Amber: Used to lift the heaviness of burden which will allow happiness a means to enter your life once more.

Apatite: Another stone that is frequently used to open up communication in your world. It is used when there has been a misunderstanding and can help to calm any anxiety that has stemmed from a fight.

Green Aventurine: It is used for physical healing. It is worn over the ailing part of the body.

Blue Aventurine: It is used to improve the circulation of blood.

Coral: It is used as a foundation for your emotions.

Diamond: It’s not just a girl’s best friend guys! It is used to help with personal clarity.

Emerald: It is used for physical and emotional healing. It is by far one of the strongest healing gemstones that have been found to date.

Carnelian: Used as balance and a method to aid in creativity and the mental process.

Grey Moonstone: Utilized as a focus for other stones, enabling you their energies as well as the moonstone’s energy.

Mexican Onyx: It is used to help insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Black opal: This stone will help to focus your body soul and mind.

Ruby: Often associated with love and romance. It is used to open up the heart chakra to allow the feeling of love in.

Sapphire: A beautiful stone that is known to help mental clarity.

Unfortunately, there are too many stones available to list them all in a small series of articles. To enlighten yourself further on the powers of healing gemstones, and what gems are used for; you may look into purchasing a healing gemstone book. They will help you to further your knowledge of healing gemstones. Which, as you might have already learned is an important step in utilizing their healing powers.

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Why Go For Post Office Monthly Income Scheme?

Post Office Monthly Income conspire encourages you to procure alluring profits for your investments. It’s a 5-year investment plan offering a yearly interest pace of 7.8% and gives fixed month to month salary. The plan is accessible in all post offices in India. 

In the event that you are searching for a protected investment alternative that will win you conventional returns, at that point you ought to consider one of the post office schemes. The post office month to month salary conspire (POMIS) isn’t notable among speculators in the urban pieces of the nation. The populace in urban India hopes to put resources into fixed deposits and other obligation alternatives for producing month to month earnings or even to simply stop their cash. Yet, the month to month pay plot offered by the Indian postal assistance, albeit lesser-known, offers a bunch of advantages to the financial specialist. It ought to be noticed that the post office is as yet one of the biggest financial specialist co-ops in the nation. As it is administered by the Ministry of Finance, it is likewise connected with more prominent believability than other investment roads. 

Why Choose This Scheme? 

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) is an investment conspire that guarantees the financial specialist ensured returns at an interesting pace of 7.7% per annum. These profits can be benefited as a fixed month to month salary. The most experienced of speculators believe MIS to be perhaps the best choice to put assets in, as it gives the client advantages of three sorts: 


  • MIS keeps the capital unblemished. 


  • It guarantees that the client gets a fixed month to month salary.


  • It yields preferable returns over instruments that are obligation based.

How To Calculate My Monthly Income?

Many online tools are there to serve your this purpose but if you are looking for some exact tool for this job, try using the MIS Calculator to calculate your monthly income from post office savings and investments. The process of calculating your income mount is very simple, you just have to mention your investment amount with the rate of interest on your plan. Do not forget to look for the type of policy or plan you have opted for as the plans carry different rates of interest depending on the time period and the type of plan. After completing the above-given steps you can click on the calculate button and see your monthly income amount on your invested amount.

How is the interest payable? 

There are three manners by which the interest can be benefited: 

  • The interest will be naturally credited to a savings account with the post office. 
  • The contributor can demand interest withdrawal consistently. He/she will get the sum either as money or through a check, as required. 
  • The interest can likewise be benefited through post-dated checks. The legitimacy of the check will be 3 months from the date of issuance. Be that as it may, this office can be benefited just if the checksum is more prominent than Rs.100. On the off chance that the investor has lost the check, he/she should sign a reimbursement bond for copy checks to be given.

How Does Friendship Calculator Work?

What Is A Friendship Calculator?

Friendship Calculator enables you to discover the degree of similarity among you and your actual mate and reveals to you how well you both will support each other all through life. Friendship Calculator is a way to test your degree of companionship with the individual you find reliable and fair.

How Do They Work?

There are numerous ways of predicting your friendship score and see how strong your friendship is real. The most common way is using your name and answering some simple questions about your friend. You must have done this earlier and shared links for such calculators with your friends on social media.

FriendShipcalculator.net is a website that is running on the same algorithms but with some added features like, it will be going to give you some suggestions about what you can do if your friendship is weak, or if you have any other issues according to the questions answered by you. You can try out the calculator by clicking on the highlighted link and take a test on your friendship. 

The other way of delivery your friendship results is by answering it through numerology. This is something based on your number according to your name and your partner’s number according to their name. After getting a number both the numbers are evaluated and the friendship score is derived by the calculator. 

Which One Is Good?

Actually all the calculators are based on different algorithms and the results displayed by all the calculators are distant from each other due to the difference in the evaluation of results. Beside all these things all the calculators are efficient in dis[palying results and judging your friendship based on names, numbers or your answers to some specific questions. You can choose any one of them and try for once. 

Why Use a Calculator?

You can use it to add additional fun factors in your online friendship like you have friends living abroad and you have not caught up ever in your life. You can use this friendship calculator to show how your friendship is going to be in the future. Both of you will get happy after watching something positive find the results and even if it saying this friendship will not work, this can never affect you as it is barely a computer software who cannot judge your inner feelings for someone. So, it is good if you use it in a fun way to add more fun to your life. 

Are They Efficient In Displaying Results?

There is no such compulsion that only if the calculator shows that you two are best buddies implies in the real-life as well. It may be possible that you two don’t even know each other properly but coincidentally you have answered the questions correctly and depending on your answers your friendship score will be generated. So, it cannot be said that these calculators are efficient in depicting the right results but they are certainly more fun to use. 


The alternate versions of Classic Tic Tac Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a basic game for two players that we delighted in playing as children (particularly in boring study halls). The game includes 2 players placing their respective symbols in a 3×3 matrix. The player who figures out how to put three of their symbols in the horizontal/vertical/diagonal column wins the match. The game ends in a draw if neither of the players is able to do so. 

Tic-tac-toe is a truly popular game all around the globe. And yet, it is typically just played by little children because of its straightforwardness and simple mechanics – which is now and then an issue for grown-ups.

For instance, using simple strategies tic-tac-toe can easily be played into a tie game; for example, when one player puts a symbol in the corner, his/her rival should put their symbol in the middle, and vice-versa. Another issue with the tic tac toe 2 player game is the size of the 3×3 game boards, which is excessively small. In this article, we will consider the variation offered by Silverman: a changed adaptation with a 4×4 grid for more complexity.

The new form also had some new rules. If a line of four indistinguishable tokens (either X’s or O’s) shows up anywhere on the board either horizontally, vertically or in a diagonal, the player who began the match wins; or else the second player wins. In this form, the primary player (the player who goes first) has the best chance to win if he/she can accurately situate the tokens before their pattern is hindered by the rival.

At the beginning of the game, Player 1 attacks, taking steps to make a line of four tokens, then deviates from the plot by making even-handed moves to offer Player 2 a chance to make a four straight line of O’s. There can be no draw in this updated format of the tic tac toe 2 player game. 

Computer-based figurings show that in this new form, the primary player (X tokens) has the winning chance. However, for the second player (O tokens) to win, he/she should just utilize conventional thinking to locate the best position for their token – to obstruct the open door for Player 1 to arrange his/her tokens. For instance, the first player may put his/her first token in a corner; impacting the subsequent player to put his/her token on the contrary corner to obstruct the inclining line. 

So, now you know why Tic tac toe is the all-time favorite game among people around the globe. But some surveys came out with astonishing results about what impact this game makes on children. This game teaches great sportsmanship among children. It assists youngsters with applying their logic and to create strategies at an early age. It trains kids for progressively complex games since they need to think about various things at one time. Tic-tac-toe creates coordination, fine motor skills, and visual aptitudes. It causes kids to figure out how to keep rules and play in turns. It increases the concentration of kids as they have to focus on strategies to win the game.


Is PayPal trustworthy?

You’ve probably heard of PayPal, and maybe you’ve even paid some invoices on PayPal. Maybe you’re a small business working after that six-figure business and you’re wondering, “Oh is PayPal something I should be using? Is it even safe?” Well, let me just share with you a few of the details about PayPal and that’ll put all of those fears to rest. 

First of all, PayPal has been around pretty much since the beginning of online transactions. PayPal is the top dog. They own a lot of the other smaller companies like Venmo and several others. And in fact, they used to be the only payment method accepted on eBay which handles transactions from all over the world. So, PayPal has a long track record, they’ve got a great history and they’ve got a really strong encryption system to keep your transactions safe. One of the things that PayPal does to keep your financial information safe is that it doesn’t share financial information with the sender or the receiver. PayPal won’t have a record of your social security number, or your account number, or your routing number, which it’s going to share with any of your clients.

PayPal also has something called website purchase protection for both buyers and sellers. Now, one of the reasons for PayPal being such a leader in this industry and one of the forefront leaders is that they came up with something to protect their buyers and their sellers. So, they developed something called website purchase protection. Now, this allows a buyer or a seller to log a dispute about the transaction. PayPal has an excellent conflict resolution system. What they do is, they track everything that goes on between the buyer and the seller through an online platform where they’re seeing all the transactions and even sometimes some comments. 

PayPal is one of the oldest platforms of payment and they’ve kept their model to this date. You’ll see most places that you go online will offer PayPal as a payment method. They’ve even got their credit department now, where you can have a PayPal credit card. PayPal is also a common mode of overseas transactions. You can send funds to practically anywhere in the globe using PayPal. However, this service doesn’t come for free. PayPal charges its currency conversion rates depending on the country to which you are sending funds. PayPal currency converter is a simple tool that can be used to figure out the amount that PayPal charges to send money abroad. PayPal currency converter is a conversion calculator for personal and business transactions via PayPal. 

PayPal is an established entity and with the established entities comes trust. Because they’ve been around, they’ve been doing business, they’ve been through the thick and thin of all of the e-commerce transactions. So if you need as a merchant to take payments, PayPal is a very safe thing to do. PayPal has got everything encrypted and your information is protected. I’ve used PayPal since almost the beginning of the PayPal days. So, I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that I don’t use myself.


Online games and their types

Online games are fun to play and game lovers are amused by tonnes of new games. They won’t get bored with it and actually they need their lifetime to play all those online games. That means, they are countless to say and one can surely experience a lot in playing those games. These online games are like video games and require a continuous internet connection to play. The online sites offer free games along with exciting reward points and offers.

The real gaming spirit is established only in playing multiplayer games. The online sites also offer free online multiplayer games to its users. This game type supports many players to participate and play along with each other. These games are giving good enthusiastic team efforts and the players will get a good understanding of each other. There are many other ways of playing multiplayer games and one is like making a large number of people to get involved in playing the game. These are called massive multiplayer games and have a large number of players to be involved in playing in the virtual gaming world. Most of the network-based platforms allow the players to play the multiplayer game online.

These platforms offer them to play in any of their electronic gadgets like in their personal computers, smartphones or video game console and much more. The multiplayer games make the gaming people around the world have a meaningful interaction with others. They can enhance their team spirit and help in each other’s gaming stages. They will get full co-operation from the other team players and succeed in winning the game. Some multiplayer games make all the team players work well along with each other. Online gaming sites follow some rules and regulations in which it makes all the active players earn a good score and reward points. Many online gaming sites are involved in other gaming activities and they become online gaming community members to make online games as active games.

Games like League of Legends or LOL, in short, have created a worldwide gaming community. However, players need a good ping or network speed to enjoy this game to its extreme levels. So, it is recommended for players to run a LOL ping test before they play it. Various tools are available on the internet that can be used to run the LOL ping test.

The multiplayer games are improvised and it is serving better gaming experiences to the users than the single-player games. The multiplayer game has a lot of types in it and players can choose their favorite one among the collections. The party games are like social games in which it requires many players to play. The simple rules and fewer equipment requirements are its key features. The poker games are like online casino games and it needs some skilled talents to play it well. Just like the poker game, the card game provides a good gaming facility by just having a deck of cards to play. The game is played on the board with some rules. You can find the best of free online multiplayer games in genuine gaming sites.


Types of Hair Straightening Plates

Professional hair straighteners offer quality results. You get silky, protected, shiny, and frizz-free hair. Its plates protect the hair thanks to its high-performance technology. Today we are going to show you the list of the best plates for hair straightening. Take a look and understand the science behind hair straightening.

First of all, we have the new Frizzer Professional Plate with tourmaline plates that care for and protect the hair, providing shine and softness thanks to its ionic load that prevents the hair from curling. The plates are Nano Silver technology to eliminate bacteria and have an ultra-fast heating with PTC resistance. This iron has a microprocessor control and is perfect for spontaneous combing changes and different looks, as it comes equipped with 3 different plate styles. It has a modern design and is available in purple and black.

Second, we present the Ultra Thin Plate with Nano Silver technology, tourmaline, and titanium plates. It is an ideal iron for the creation of hairstyles thanks to its round tip. It consists of an LCD screen, plate closing system, microprocessor control, auto disconnection, rotating cable and heating in just 20 seconds. It cannot be used on wet hair.

In contrast to this, we have the Wet to Dry Plate and as its name suggests, it can be used on wet hair. It consists of ceramic plates with tourmaline and nano silver technology. This iron shares characteristics similar to the previous ones (microprocessor, auto disconnection, rotating cable, ultra fast heating, LCD screen) and also includes steam outputs and two special accessories for waves.

We continue with the list with the Platinium Kit consisting of a professional iron with tilting ceramic and tourmaline plates, ion generator and automatic shut-off. This iron is ideal for transport thanks to its travel set that includes a silver bag, a folding travel dryer, and two curved clips.

We also want to highlight the Professional Plate with 100% Ceramic plates. Digital display, rapid heating, ion technology, and non-slip rubber finish.

And do not forget the Steam Hair Straightener with the latest generation brush and design to smooth your hair without damaging it. Thanks to its water vapor that protects against dehydration of the straightening. The hair will look and feel smooth, shiny and healthy. Steam Hair Straightener is considered much better than normal flat irons and guarantees sound and shiny hair.

We also want to point out another brush that offers a perfect result and smooth and silky hair. The Smoothing Straightener brush that has a temperature between 80ºC and 230ºC and heats up in only 60 seconds. Automatic disconnection, LCD screen, and 360º rotating cable.

Finally, we want to talk about the Eurostil mini plates with black ceramic plates and perfect to transport anywhere and carry with you in your bag. Its measurements are 15 x 1.7 cm, 2.5 meter cable and a power of 100 to 240V.

Hope you found some value out of this article. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to do so in the comment section.



Flow of Yoga

The kriya or practice of yoga is based upon three major pillars: mortification, introspection, and respect for the cosmic will. By mortification, we gain the purity of the body. By the practice of introspection, we experience clarity of mind. And by respecting the cosmic will, we merge with the cosmic divinity.

The structure of practice one should follow is provided in the Sutra 28 of Sadhana Pada. It specifies that “after the destruction of psycho-physical impurities, the eight component parts of yoga are to be accomplished one after the other to lead the mind into a cosmic dimension.”

Yamas and Niyamas are a set of definite practices. The practice of them provides the right frame of mood and a sense of surrender which are important prerequisites of a successful yoga practice. You have to let the Yog vibes enter your mind and soul. Without the completion of these practices, it is very difficult to step into the higher practices of yoga.

On the completion of Yamas and Niyamas, one practices asanas. Asanas are a set of psycho-physical practices by which we achieve absolute stability of the body and an unshakable mind. The correct practice of asanas for the purpose of spiritual development is provided by the Yoga Sutras. Asana for any other purpose or benefit falls outside the curriculum of yoga. The practice of asana is said to be successful when the yogi achieves physical non-duality and psychological indifference. These two accomplishments form the basis of further practices which are very fine and subtle in nature.

Only upon the successful accomplishment of Asana, one proceeds to practice Pranayama. The practice of pranayama involves conscious modification of the behavior of cosmic energy or prana within one’s subtle body. The practice of pranayama is the yogic answer to the applied principles of the theory of relativity. Here the space-time dynamics of a yogi are positively modified to accelerate the yog vibes of the yogi. As a result, the yogi acquires millions of years of evolved wisdom within his lifetime.

Pratyahara is the actual process of altering the ambition of the senses and to channel the entire mind-power towards concentration or Dharana. By extreme and prolonged concentration the yogi achieves a state of absolute bliss and beatitude. This state is meditation. Contrary to modern belief, meditation is not a process of practice, but the spontaneous result of a series of other practices. It is a state and not a process. The further practices of yoga are based upon the successful accomplishment of Dharana.

Before achieving the final goals of yoga, a practitioner needs to transcend the various planes of existence. The process to experience and transcend the subtle planes of life and existence is Samyama. During this practice, the yogi gains great supernatural psychic powers called siddhis. Siddhis are not the purpose of yoga practices, but they are valuable indications of our success.

Samadhi is the final stage of evolution. Beyond this point of yogic achievement, there remains no difference between the yogi and the cosmos.


Things to do in Orlando at night

You’ve likely known about Orlando for its mind-boggling amusement parks. Be that as it may, think about what – your excursions aren’t simply restricted to Disney World or Universal. A perfect goal for a family trip, Orlando accompanies several whimsical exercises for your short just as expanded schedules. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you needed to pick one, we suggest The Great Escape Room, who were the first to open in Orlando and third in the country. Different room styles are accessible to suit different expertise levels and number of members. There are a lot more things to do in Orlando at night. Read on and you will know about them.

Current highlighted escape rooms are Professor Moriarty’s Game Room, The President’s Bunker, and Dr Watsgon’s Infirmary. If you’re hoping to luxuriate into the grand magnificence of Orlando around evening time; this helicopter Night Boat Tour is actually what you have to attempt! Perfect for adrenaline junkies, Florida’s Airboat Adventure Night is intended for those wild spirits who aren’t yet fit to be subdued!

This hour-long visit will take you over the dim bogs of the city where you’ll get the chance to see uncommon untamed life, in the midst of a beautiful common setting. Picture a scene where you’re kayaking with your family under the flawlessly twilight sky. In this curious setting, there’s no one to upset you. Away from the clamoring horde of Orlando city, you’re skimming over the water with your loved ones; the individuals who really matter to you.

Experience the incredible Disney Fireworks to end your journey in Orlando on a perfect note. A perfect technique to spend your last day in the city, the sublime Disney Fireworks will in all probability keep your whole family in awe. In the occasion that you’re not adequately inside the theme park, here are a couple of locations. Orlando has most likely the best live shows around evening time with dynamic presentations and natural fun. You’ll find likely the most excellent shows in the country and paying little personality to what you decide to see, you won’t be baffled. Here’s a summary of the top connecting live shows in Orlando at night. Enjoy genuine flavors, gigantic presentations and hard and fast energy at the Mango’s Tropical Cafe Live Show. One of the most present and most noteworthy diners on the International Drive, The Tropical Cafe will offer you a really extraordinary night time understanding. Value a rich gourmet feast with your loved ones, as driving performers draw in you during the night! Head back to the eleventh century with this European-styled live dinner show up.

Set in an eleventh Century European-styled château, this show features entrancing antiquated rarities, shimmering covers and wonderful Spanish coats from regarded families. Of course, it will display an excellent European sword-fight with noteworthy falconry and enamoring horsemanship that will keep you entranced all through the entire night. The best part is, you get the chance to value the total of this while pigging out on an extraordinary gourmet dinner with the best European delicacies. Witness a splendid celebration of development, craftsmanship and music with the Blue Man Group Show Tour. Rather than some other visit, this one goes with crisp out of the plastic new shows from driving entertainers over the globe.

The fabulous music makes these displays contact furthermore charming. So on the off chance that you’re scanning for some smart and innovative show that will win the hearts of your kids, this is one show that will completely fulfill everyone’s expectations. Your trip to Orlando will be absolutely deficient without a visit to the top bars and bars of the city. Likewise, this is really why you need to get your hands on a ‘Dollar Off The Drinks’ card. Often touted to be the redirection focal point of Orlando, the Universal City walk is a three-square promenade that is swarming with the top retail outlets, diners, bars and bars. You can stroll around the capricious, shop anyway a lot of you may need and eat up the grand extravagances in this driving energy hub. Sing along the genuine pianos, investigate the stunning devouring decisions or value some extraordinary arcade games at the outstanding Disney Boardwalk. With unique shops and limitless options for diversion, the Disney Boardwalk is a most adored objective of night-owls.

Those were some of the best things to do in Orlando at night. Hope you found it interesting.


Life Before And After Imposition Of Gratuity In India

We got independence in 1947 but the people started working even before getting independence. Employment was there even before independence, it was low as compared to now but people were engaged in rendering serving in offices and workshops even at the time. The major difference between the employment was the amount of gratuity that we receive now was not there at that time. 

You simply cannot compare today’s salary with that time as the expenses have also changed with time. Things had a price according to the pay on individuals at that time also and so is the current situation of the nation. So, it is not correct to compare the salary of individuals of that time and individuals of the current time. 

One thing that can be compared is the amount of gratuity. People who were working at that time were not entitled to receive any kind of extra income even after their retirement but now it is mandatory in India to give every person who has worked for at least 5 years in the same organization the bonus and gratitude for his loyalty towards the organization. 

With the implementation of the gratuity act in 1972, many people were benefited from this policy by the government. Let’s compare two people, one who retired before the gratuity act the other one who retired after the gratuity act. 

  • The first person started his job in 1950 and worked till 1970 and dropped his job after that to try something new in his life. He was paid enough to run a house of 4 members comfortably but when he grew older he exhausted all his money and he has to depend on his family members for everything. 
  • The Second person, on the other hand, started working in the year 1955  but worked until 1985. The gratuity act came in between the period and he worked for almost 13 years after the implementation of this act. He was also getting good pay at his job but when he retired, he received a bonus amount into his account in the name of gratuity. He uses it to fulfill his needs and was never dependent on his family for any expenses.

The major difference that gratuity made in both their lives can be clearly seen here as the first one has to depend on someone after getting retired as he has no money to take care of himself, on the other hand, the second person was able to take good care of his health and needs without depending on anyone of his family. 

The gratuity act has helped so many people like in this way by enabling them to live freely in their old age and to never get depended on any of their family members. Now all the employees working in a corporation for over 5 years are going to be benefited from the same gratuity act. If you have no idea how much amount you will be getting here as gratuity, you can use the Gratuity Calculator For India to examine and get an approximate figure of your gratuity amount.