Most Popular Funko Pops

Funko pops have been in the bucket list of most collectors and young children since its origin. Due to its availability in vivid figurines and wide range of characters, it has been well liked by people of all age groups. Funko Pops is made by a US-based company known as Funko Inc. and since its origin it has made a great impact on the toy market. If you are an admirer of funko pops and want to have some of them in your toy collection, then here is a list of funko pop characters that are the most popular among collectors.

1. Marvel

Almost everyone has heard about Marvel. Marvel movies’ superhero characters are well-known all around the world. People adore and are obsessed with these characters. Funko pops are available resembling almost every character of Marvel and people love to own them in their collection. Especially young children who comprise a massive fan-base of Marvel comics and movies are crazy to own Marvel funko pop characters.

2. Protectors

Superhero characters of almost every movie are available as funko pop figurines. Collectors love to own these figurines and have nick-named them as funko pop protectors. These superhero figurines are popular among kids as well, so they always crave to have some of these figurines in their toy collection. Funko pop protectors are available in many sizes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches, so you can grab one for yourself as per your choice.

3. Harry Potter

Who doesn’t know about the Harry Potter series? As the novel series and the movie series are popular, so are the Harry Potter funko pop figurines. You can definitely purchase one for your funko pop collection.

4. Ugly Dolls

If you are someone who likes to possess something unique in your funko pop collection, then the funko pop ugly dolls must surely be in your bucket list. These ugly dolls of bizarre shapes and looks will add a sense of uniqueness in your collection.

5. Disney

Funko pops Disney figurines have a special place in the hearts of disney fans. People who have grown up watching disney cartoons like mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy, pluto, etc. are crazy about these funko pop characters. If you are a disney lover, you can definitely go for it.

6. WWE

WWE Superstars are an inspiration for many people around the world to maintain a good physique. Funko Inc. have come up with figurines resembling many WWE superstars which have gained popularity among youngsters in due course of time.

7. Sports Stars

Sports persons from various fields are well known across the glove. If you are a fan of any sports person, then you can own a funko pop figurine resembling your favorite sports star.

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