Major Means Of Transportation Available In India

There are a variety of transportation options available in India and it is your choice to choose the kind of transport depending on your budget, mood, and comfort. Here are some of the most popular transport options.


Airplane services are available in every state of India and it is one of the most popular transport systems here. If you want to travel fast to your favorite destination and enjoy most of the time there, then you can book airplane tickets online and offline. Most people buy tickets online and it is one of the most convenient ways as you get many additional discounts on airline fares. But, traveling by air can cost you a little more if you are on a tight budget. Airline fares are the costliest among all the means of transport in India and mostly above average people used to travel by these means of transportation.


Indian railways are one of the biggest rail networks all over the world and more than 1 crore people travel daily by trains in India. The rail network has connectivity even in the small districts of the states where you won’t be able to reach by plane service and at the same time you can save your money. You can book online and offline tickets and Indian railways even provide some concessions on ticket bookings for female passengers, old-aged people, and children. There are some concessions for government employees and even for the military people from railways. You can choose from a variety of trains that run on a specific route and choose the class of your compartment according to your budget to save more money.


Traveling through buses is common in every nation, state or region, literally you can find the bus service everywhere in this world and due to its low fare and high availability, they are one of the best means of transportation. In India, bus networks are even available for some remote locations and you can find a long list of buses that can take you to each and every part of the country. Mostly all the buses operate every day and they have a fixed route of movement. The only limitation in traveling via bus is that you get a limited number of seats here. For people who do not have enough funds to travel by any other big means of transport, regional bus service can be very pocket friendly.

Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaws are the best means of transport when you want to travel within the city limits. Auto rickshaws can be found in every state and you can hire them from your neighborhood itself. The auto-rickshaws are commercial vehicles and used for both, carrying passengers and goods. The government does not own them, but people buy them on their own and put them into service by making them commercial. Auto rickshaw price is very low as compared to any other means of transportation, and that’s the main reason why people invest in it.


Taxis are the second-best option for travelling within the city limits but taxis are more comfortable and more safer as compared to auto rickshaws. The price of hiring a taxi may be a little high but for that extra comfort and extra safety, it is worth it. You can book a taxi online from your mobile application or you can get a taxi offline from your nearby street. Unlike auto rickshaws, you can book taxis for outstation rides as well.


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