Major Factors That Contributes In Fast Aging

Aging is very common and it happens with everyone with time and there is no such thing, medicine, or treatment to stop this effect on your body. However, some good habits can slow down this process for you to some extent but nothing can stop you at a certain age for a lifetime. We all want to reverse the process of aging and become young and fit as before once we get old but unfortunately, no one can do it and I guess no one will be doing this in the coming future as well. 

This can’t be done but the thing that can be done is to check your lifespan or you can say an approximation of your life longevity. There are certain tools for this purpose, you can even acknowledge your age at a certain time like you want to know your year of birth or someone but you know only his birthdate, it can be done within seconds. For example, what year was I born on if I am 15 years old? Just put your age simply in the tool and put the current year or the year from where you want to calculate it and watch the results with just one click.

Factors Behind fast Aging Process

To Much Stress

Stress hormones in your body always try to slow down every natural process in your body. The brain functioning is reduced and you always feel tense even when you are asleep which has a very negative effect on your body. Stress is one of the major factors why people at a young age start getting old and they even develop grey hairs on their head and on their face due to too much stress. Avoid stress by investing your time in something fruitful or something that you enjoy doing in your free time.

Eating Unhealthy

Eating healthy will have positive effects on your body but if you are eating unhealthy and too refined carbs in your daily routine, then you may have to face your old age at an early age compared to people who follow a very healthy eating lifestyle. You should add fats, proteins, and carbs to your diet but in a very balanced way that has positive effects on your body. Avoid food that is fried, high in sodium, high in sugar, and contains too much starch.

Inactive Lifestyle

An inactive lifestyle is yet another reason why people are facing an early aging process. If you are lazy and do not do any kind of physical activity at all, your body organs will start working in an inappropriate way and you will start facing health issues after some time. Your body needs constant movement and your muscles need constant tension so that they can be active and burn calories that you are eating. If not vigorous, add a one-hour session of moderate-intensity workout in your daily life to avoid early aging.

Getting Overweight

If you live a stressful and inactive lifestyle, you will face an early age in your life. Another side-effect of such a poor lifestyle is adding so many pounds. Adding fat tissue causes inflammation in the body and the organs, which is a factor in accelerated aging. More fat also enhances the existence of senescent cells, which can no longer differentiate and ultimately die. Choose an active lifestyle to avoid such conditions.


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