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Jennifer has a rather busy life in New York, she is a fashion merchandiser inĀ  Gucci. She is a single mom living in a rented apartment with her room mate Marshal. She is a strong career woman, an amazing mother and a great friend.Her parents are separated-both of them live in different cities, her mother, Mrs. Karen Green lives in Long Island along with her two daughters(Amy and Erica) and father Mr Jack Green lives alone in Tucson, he is a gynecologist. She loves her parents very much, but the news of their divorce was very devastating for her. One day, she was out with her one year old daughter Emma shopping for her daughter’s clothes, she then received a call that was not really easy for her to attend, she got a message that her father was in the emergency ward of the hospital he worked in, he had collapsed while working. The doctors could not diagnose what was wrong, they just called Jennifer to Tucson.

Jennifer was absolutely devastated, so Marshal volunteered to fly with her to see him, in the time being, Mr Green was examined thoroughly. He underwent under several tests and was under constant observation. It was found out that he had brain hemorrhage because his blood pressure went through the roof, the cause of the blood pressure was unknown, as soon as Jennifer arrived, doctors informed her about her father’s diagnosis and told her that now he is under constant watch and he will be okay as he is being administered the desired medicines. Jennifer was overwhelmed and devastated. At night, Jennifer went to her father’s home to sleep as she was tired and the doctors said that her father would remain unconscious for the night.

Jennifer searched her father’s home and saw that his father lived in a pretty poor condition, his clothes were not washed, take out boxes everywhere on the kitchen counter and a diary was wide open on his desk, Jennifer read the diary. She read the diary, all it had was his diary entries from the past two months, it said that he was really concerned aboutĀ  Amy and Erica as those girls were literally spoiled brats, he was only relieved about Jennifer as she was the only one who was able to make an independent life for herself without her daddy’s help (financially). Jessica smiled when she read that, she happily told this to Marshal, whereas Marshal reminded her that her dad was still in the hospital and they needed to find the reason behind his high blood pressure, to which Jennifer said that it was quite evident that his worries keep him up at night, as the diary entry he wrote was of 3: 30 a.m. in the morning, moreover the takeout boxes tell that he was eating constantly from outside, he was not eating healthy as his fridge was absolutely empty. Even the milk cartons were empty. Jennifer and Marshal decided to turn this situation around, they cleaned the apartment, went grocery shopping from health food stores Tucson and Jennifer decided to move in with her dad for a while. She figured out that her dad would be glad to see his daughter and grand daughter around, she also took a transfer from her job.

The next day when she reached the hospital, she saw that her father was conscious and happy to see her, he was in a better state. The doctors said that luckily the hemorrhage was minor and he could go back to his home three days later, which he did. He was finally happy to see Jennifer and his grand daughter around.


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