LinkedIn Profile Mistakes To Avoid

LinkedIn is a social networking site which is used by thousands of professionals to find jobs, grow their business and expand their network. There are certain things that make LinkedIn different from other social networking sites. To make the most out of this social networking site, you have to avoid certain mistakes. In this article, you will know about the few LinkedIn profile mistakes that can be avoided while creating a profile on LinkedIn.

Mistake #1. Using a casual image as profile picture

LinkedIn, as we know it, is a professional version of social networks. A common mistake that most people make on LinkedIn is that they add a casual image of theirs as their profile picture. Avoid using pictures of yours with your family, friends or pets. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly for professional usage. Using such images on your LinkedIn profile will make it difficult for you to make connections with other professionals on LinkedIn. You will appear as someone who is not serious about having an online presence and will be ignored.

When uploading a profile photo on LinkedIn, use a professionally taken photograph. Be well dressed in the photo. Make sure that the image is of the right size.

Mistake #2. Not filling up the summary area properly

LinkedIn gives you a summary area to fill up. This is a space that you can fill up by explaining in detail the things that you do and the things you want to do in future. There is a limit of 2000 characters for your summary section. Most people do not make use of this area.

To make the best use of the summary section, use good grammar and explain everything related to your work and your expectations. Do not make the summary too short.

Mistake #3. Not asking for endorsements and recommendations

Endorsements and recommendations are great for getting your profile noticed by potential employers and business partners. However, most people do not ask for it. Some who do ask for it, do it by sending a mass message asking for recommendations. Here what you need to do is to personally ask your connections to give you a recommendation and endorse your skills. You can also purchase endorsements from here.

Mistake #4. Not making proper use of the headline area

Use the headline area to tell others what you do. Do not leave it empty. This is something that can catch a lot more eyeballs. Make sure to make it a little attractive.

Mistake #5. Avoiding grammatical errors

A lot of people do not take the time to edit for grammar errors and typos. This is a mistake that becomes a hindrance in the process of finding jobs or making business connections through LinkedIn. A profile with grammar errors leaves a poor impression on others. Therefore, it is really important that you take the time to check for grammatical errors and typos and polish your profile to make it appear professional.         

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