How To Encourage Your Teenagers Interest In Science

Curiosity is a natural gift human beings are born with. If you observe children, you will see that they are constantly curious about everything. They are always eager to learn more about the world around them. However, this natural interest diminishes during the teenage days and kids start to think of science as dull and boring. In this article, we have disclosed a few tips that you can use to encourage teenagers to gain back their interest in science.

1. Let them question

As children keep asking questions, make sure that you answer them. Do not ever discourage children from asking questions. This is what makes them mentally grow. When children get answers to their questions, their mental horizon expands and they cultivate a habit that can benefit them throughout their life. Sadly, most parents and teachers discourage children from asking questions. This has a deep impact on the child. As the child reaches the adolescent stage, his/her inquiring mind becomes dormant.

2. Let them experience science

Nothing teaches better than experience. Therefore, make sure that you keep your teenager engaged in science whenever you can. Let your teenager get a first-hand experience of the real world science. Visit a planetarium, go to a science museum, let the teenager participate in a science fair. These activities will make the teenager look at the fun side of science and understand the implications of science in the real world.

3. Stay updated with the latest science news

Let the teenager learn about the latest developments in the world of science. Talk to your teenager about these developments and try to get their opinions about these topics. Staying updated with the latest news from the world of science and discussing it with them will help them understand the importance of science in their day to day life.

4. Discuss science careers

Whenever you get the opportunity, talk to your teenager about the various career options in science. Talk to them about the various fields where science is applied everyday. Doing this may break the myth that a career in science is boring.

5. Link it to something that interests your teenager

Science can be found in everything around us. Your teenager definitely has some interests. You have to find what interests your teenager and then explain the science behind it. This way you can make him/her more interested in the subject. Very soon they may begin to research and learn more about the science that is related to their passion.

6. Encourage online learning

The world of internet has a gold mine of knowledge. There is so much information on the web that anybody can learn almost anything from the internet. Encourage your teenager to use the internet for learning. Let them use a smartphone for accessing the internet. Here is a website that lists budget phones in India. Suggest websites and learning portals for them that can help them learn science and other subjects of their interest.

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