How This Bike Rental Comparison Portal Helped Me Choose The Right Bike

Buying a motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle can be a tedious process if you do not take the right approach. I learnt it the hard way. Therefore, I am sharing this story with you so that you do not make the mistake I did while looking for a bike.

My experience

It was the summer of 2018. I had received my first salary from my first job. And because I was desperate for attention, I decided to get my first motorbike with the money.

So, where was the problem?

Well, to be frank, I am quite naive when it comes to choosing the right thing for me. I always get confused when it comes to choosing things for myself. This is what had happened then and this is what might happen in the future. I am just one confused guy who can’t get to a decision fast.

I was having the worst time of my life. Being the introverted person that I was, I didn’t like getting the advice of my friends for getting the right bike. Hell, I didn’t have any close friends. So, I was left with just one option – go to the showrooms and get test rides all by myself. That’s what I did. I went to various showrooms and had test rides of every bike brand I could lay my eyes on.

However, I was not satisfied with those test rides. It was so confusing. I just couldn’t decide which bike to choose. All those test rides were useless for me.

How I got the help

Meanwhile, I kept browsing the internet looking for a way to find that perfect bike. I wanted to get bike rentals for cheap. That was when I stuck upon this website called Bike Rentalia. This website lists and compares the most popular two-wheeler rental services in all the major cities of India.

I live in Mumbai. I wanted to see if they had listed the bike rentals in Mumbai. Luckily, I found a list of bike rentals in Mumbai with prices and other details. I could easily contact the rental service providers and get all the details within seconds. Here is the webpage I am talking about.

That was it. I could then get a bike for rent and move around the city. This helped me figure out the right bike for me and I didn’t have to take test rides again.

If you are like me, confused before making that big purchase, make sure you get that bike for rent. Bike Rentalia helps you do just that. I wish I had found this website sooner so that I didn’t have to delay the purchase. Anyway, I bought my first bike, Bajaj Avenger, after getting it on rent from a bike rental service in my city.

I hope you found this post helpful and informative. If you have any queries about this post, please let me know in the comment section below. How did you choose your first motorcycle? Share your experience with me and let me know if you had similar experiences. Thank you very much for reading!


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