How important is getting a high CGPA

In this article, I wanted to have a serious discussion with you because a lot of people are delusional about this topic. So, I wanted to bring this up in front of you because even I appraise problems because of this. So, is getting a high CGPA important? 

Hell Yeah! It is. Because, if you get a 9.0 or something like that in that bracket, you become unstoppable in getting admission. You’ll get into one of the top universities in the world if you have a very high CGPA. Universities look for people with high CGPA they give stipends to people with high CGPA.

I’ll give you an example, there’s a university called the University of Southern California. It’s in the top 20 universities in the US for computer science. I have a 325 GRE score which is pretty decent and there was one guy who had only a 310 score, but, he got admitted into the University of Southern California just because his CGPA was 9 and I couldn’t get admitted because my CGPA was 8.45. With high CGPA you are getting into one of the top 20 universities of the world just because you are academically excellent, so why not take advantage of that.

Now, you can argue that skills are more important, but you have to accept that everything is gonna go down the drain if you do not have a high CGPA. A high CGPA score can become a deciding factor for your profile and for you to get admission into a top university. Some factors are not under your control, something like the university’s decision which is not under your control; they can even reject the best of the profiles. But, getting a high CGPA is under your control because you are studying in college right now, so you have the opportunity to get it.

Some of you might argue that my college gives academic scores in percentages and doesn’t shell out CGPA. I agree with that, but there are options to convert percentage to CGPA. Many online tools are available that convert percentage to CGPA, you just have to search the internet. You can mention your converted CGPA along with your percentage in your profile to seek admission in a reputed university. I can tell you, they will be impressed even with that if you have a high score.

CGPA is not the reflection of your true essence or your true capacity. CGPA is a testimonial that you are dedicated; that whatever you are told, however you are told, whenever you are told, you achieve that. To me, CGPA is the mirror of your dedication. In real life you probably need more than dedication, you need dedication, you need communication, you need knowledge, and you need persuasive attitude. So trust me, if you have a very good CGP and if you’re missing the other things, you probably are not on the right course of action.

A high CGPA ensures that you will be called upon; you have a better chance in the selection process. But, the selection process is just the beginning; it’s the tip of the iceberg, and then once you’re selected, starts the real game.


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