Hiring A Taxi From Singapore To Mersing : Good Or Bad Idea?

Mersing is a Coastal town in southeast Malaysia. Mersing Still stays as an angling town notwithstanding the creating downtown area of Johor Bahru . Also, Mersing It’s known as the flight point for ships to seaward islands like Pulau Tioman and Pulau Rawa. 

The separation among Mersing and Singapore is 148 km. Driving from Singapore to Mersing will take around 3-3.30 hours, relies upon the traffic in Singapore-Malaysia Custom. The best course is to go through the boulevard and Johor Bahru downtown , and afterward take the Tebrau Highway towards north-east by means of Kota Tinggi to Mersing. 

EZY-Taxi.com gives private 7-seater taxi administration from Singapore to Mersing Town at moderate exchange cost. Experienced and cordial driver will get you from any area in Singapore and straightforwardly acquire you to your favored area Mersing, Johor Bahru. The separation between Singapore Changi Airport and Mersing Town is 206.6 km and it takes 2 hours 45 minutes to arrive.

The Singapore To Mersing Taxi can be a good choice in some cases otherwise if you are travelling solo or if you are travelling with a big group of people, the most suitable option for you will be a bus that will take you from Singapore and arrive at Mersing within 3 to 4 hours. Well, other than that there may be individual preference and choice of every individual on how he wants to travel the distance. 

If you are planning for a trip to mersing and thinking of hiring a taxi till mersing than here are some of the major points for you that will help you in choosing the right option for you. 

Some Advantages Of Hiring A Taxi

  • Hiring a taxi is the fastest way to reach mersing in spite of the traffic. If you are going in a bus it will be hard for the bus to move fast in the traffic compared to your private taxi. 
  • The taxi is available on your demand and at your footsteps, you do not have to reach out for your taxi at the stop like you have to do while you are travelling on a bus. 
  • Private taxis give you more flexibility while you are on the go and you can stop anywhere and capture some beautiful shots on the roadside which is not possible on a bus.
  • It is very comfortable for people who are in a group of 6-7, they can talk to each other and there is no one else to disturb them, in between the conversation. 


Some Disadvantages Of Hiring A Taxi

  • If you are travelling on a taxi, maybe you will reach your destination fast as compared to the bus but at the same time you are paying almost double the amount compared to your bus fare. 
  • If you are a solo traveler then hiring a taxi might be the biggest mistake that you will do as you have to bear all the expenses and it will hamper your overall budget. 
  • Even though you are getting flexibility in private taxis but due to limited space you are not getting the comfort that you will get while travelling in a bus.
  • Most of the bus services are fast and do not take much time and the major point here is that you have a lot of buses available on the spot in case you missed to book one online. 

So depending on the advantages and disadvantages, maybe you will be able to choose wisely which one is the best option as per your needs and requirements. Most of the people opt for the bus service as they are cheaper and takes almost the same time as a taxi.


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