Here’s How A Harmless Game Of Truth And Dare Turned Out To Be Disastrous

Jennifer had turned 18 last Friday. It was a day of celebration and hence there was a party at her house. Only a handful of her close friends were invited to the house party. Everybody had fun for the initial two hours. But then, things began to turn ugly. Here’s what exactly happened.

Once the birthday cake was cut, everybody got their hands on some drinks. Music started blaring and bodies started swaying. Everybody was having a good time. Then when everybody got tired of dancing, they decided to play a game of truth or dare.

The beginning of the disaster

After a couple of rounds of the game, they were falling sort of truth or dare ideas. However, one of Jennifer’s friends decided to make the game a little awkward. She thought of truth or dare ideas that were awkward and challenging at the same time. This was not a great thing to do. But, given the fact that she was under the influence of alcohol, she could not think coherently. She asked the awkward question. The person she asked this to become a little aggressive at this. However, he answered the question. This was followed by a lot more awkward and challenging questions.

Game of risks

As the game progressed, a lot of ugly truths were revealed. What started as a fun game had turned into something else. They continued playing the game for long. A few more truths and dares later, the game took another turn. It became a game of risks. The tasks for dare were challenging and dangerous.

At one point, someone got hurt while doing a dare. However, that didn’t make them stop playing. It was only when one of them accidentally started a fire that they realized their foolishness. But, it was too late by then. The fire quickly spread. There was not a single sober person in the room who could think of anything to stop the fire. The fire department arrived at the spot after a while. By then, much of the damage had already been done. Luckily, nobody got injured in this disaster.

A drunk party = Disaster

Nobody had the slightest clue then that a truth or dare game could cause so much trouble. However, it must be noted that it was not just the game that led to this disaster. It was the alcohol too. Everyone at the party was drunk. They couldn’t think clearly. This made the situation worse.

House parties are fun. But, there has to be some precautionary measure which can prevent such disasters from happening. As they say “Prevention is better than cure”, next time you throw a house party just make sure that you have the precautionary measures in place.

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