Flu Pandemics and The Use of Masks

A flu pandemic is when a dangerous strain of influenza is highly transmittable between humans and has a higher rate of death than normal flu viruses. Recent events with H1N1 (Swine flu) show how dangerous flu can be and how quickly it can spread around the globe thanks to modern modes of transportation. 

COVID19 is another recent example. The most horrific pandemic in modern times was the Spanish Flu of 1918. This flu pandemic wiped out between 40 and 50 million people worldwide. It is the fear of another highly deadly flu pandemic that makes scientists nervous. Influenza can mix genes readily, making it highly adaptable and dangerous. A vaccine that helps one day can be left useless with a simple genetic mutation of a strain of flu. Especially worrisome are flu viruses that can switch between host-species (swine to avian to human, for example). This makes the flu virus even more difficult to control.

During a flu pandemic, protect yourself and others. First, do not panic. Use common sense. Avoid gatherings of people as much as possible. Practice good hygiene (sneeze into your arm, wash hands frequently, don’t touch objects and then your face, etc). Get good quality masks, at least N95, to help protect you and your family from the spread of disease. Planning ahead and owning these flu masks during an emergency pandemic could save your life!

You likely will not be able to purchase flu masks during a pandemic. They will sell out fast, along with hand sanitizer and other needed things. Plan ahead to purchase some masks. Buy flu masks now, set them aside in your home or car, and have them for when a pandemic strikes. The disturbing thing about a pandemic is how quickly it strikes; how fast it goes global. Preparing for the next pandemic can be as easy as purchasing flu masks and knowing how/when to use them. Store them away during good times and hopefully, you never need the masks during your lifetime. But, if a pandemic does strike, you’re in trouble without good flu masks. Are you confused seeing so many varieties of masks around the market? Don’t worry. Just click here and find all you need to know about masks.

Flu masks that fit tighter to your face will help reduce airborne materials from reaching your mouth/nose/lungs. However, no flu mask is 100% safe. Again, practice safe hygiene and avoid gatherings of people as much as possible. Tune in to local TV stations to get information from the government about your area. Listen for travel restrictions and then avoid those areas. The best way to avoid flu pandemic is to avoid the area affected. If you have to travel during a pandemic, wear flu masks. This helps protect you (not 100%) by reducing the particles you breathe in and helps protect others. When you sneeze, the flu mask helps contain the particles from your body. So, during a pandemic, flu masks help save lives by reducing the spread of disease.

Protect yourself and your family by planning ahead. Purchase flu masks for the next pandemic now and avoid the rush and madness of trying to find them in unstocked store shelves during a true pandemic event.


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