Essential Info Before Feeding Bananas To Bearded Dragon

Bananas are great, and we realize that dragons appreciate eating fruit as a feature of a sound diet however are bananas edible for bearded dragons? Truly, bananas are a sheltered fruit for your beardie to appreciate. It should just be given occasionally. Keeping it to a minimum will guarantee bananas are a sheltered treat. 


Bananas are great for us people, however, for bearded dragons, it is a different story. The fruit is high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is known for binding to calcium, which can prompt MBD in bearded dragons. 

The dragon may risk becoming calcium inadequate and could wind up with weak bones because of eating an excess of bananas. This is what you get with 100g of banana: 

  • Calcium 5 mg 
  • Phosphorus 22mg 
  • Iron .3 mg 
  • Sodium 1 g 
  • Magnesium 27g 

Aside from this, bananas have heaps of regular sugar, which isn’t useful for your bearded dragon. An excessive amount of sugar can lead a bearded dragon to get corpulent. 


First of all, it is a great method to give your dragon some advancement in his life. Eating other food can be a great method to separate the standard routine of crickets, insects, and veggies. Furthermore, keeping it uncommon will make it pleasant and exceptional for your dragon. 

Aside from being a treat, the surface of a banana is delicate. It’s easy to bite and make the most of your dragon. Furthermore, dragons can eat skin with no dread. If a piece gets into the territory coincidentally and your beardie eats it, it won’t bring any mischief. 


Your dragon is going to cherish bananas and will conceivably charmingly gaze at you in trusts you cut another little piece off. Fight the temptation to do this and now we will find out why. 

Indeed, the high phosphorus levels in the banana are the main point of concern. Bearded dragons need heaps of calcium to maintain sound bones. This is the reason you dust their food with a calcium supplement. 


To find out regarding why the equalization of calcium and phosphate matter, I examined a reality sheet from Kidney Health Australia. First of all, what is phosphate? It is a mineral that combines with calcium and hence shapes the hardness of our teeth and bones. 

Calcium is put away in bones, and dragons need it to remain solid. Dragons get calcium from the food they eat, and if the levels are excessively low, calcium is taken from the issues that remain to be worked out up the difference. 

Kidneys are the controllers of calcium and phosphate in the body, and if their capacity is undermined, abundance phosphate cannot be ousted. It will work in the body of the dragon and bind to calcium, which lowers the degrees of calcium in the body. 

Along these lines, calcium is pulled from the bones of the bearded dragon, leading them to be distorted and weak or create MBD. 


Bananas are not destructive to your dragon. A little piece won’t hurt them. Enormous amounts, then again, will. Different foods are this way, as well, specifically high oxalate foods. Spinach is one such model. The oxalate in this food bind to calcium, which makes the calcium leave your dragon’s body as a type of waste. Better alternatives for the bearded dragon include collard greens, turnip greens, or even green beans.


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