Deutsch Langhaar- The cutest rescuer

Dog rescues owner; loyalty praised by everyone

Nebraska, USA : Fire here, fire there, the blazing flames were the only thing visible. A building with four storeys caught a raging fire due to a short circuit in the wiring, and in no time the whole building caught fire. The people living on the first floor escaped quickly as the children in the family were able to “smell something funny” , they quickly informed their parents and all of them came out running through the stairs. As soon as they made it outside, the fire brigade reached the destination as the smoke alarms in the building went off and they were immediately alerted about the splurging fire.

The people living on the second floor, a couple, were fast asleep when the fire broke out , but because the woman woke up to use the facilities, she heard people screaming and yelling outside her room’s window, and as she came near the window , she saw flames engulfing her home, then she shouted on the top of her lungs to wake her husband up from his deep sleep , so that they could escape. Both the husband and wife rushed towards the door, but it was too late, the fire was too close to climb down the stairs, so they went running back to their room’s window and they yelled that there was no way out, so the firemen brought their safety net and asked the couple to fall on the net. The couple, although scared, took a leap of faith and jumped down, holding hands, and praying to god. Luckily, they were safe and no one was hurt. The firemen inquired about the people living on the third and fourth floor, to which the couple said that the man who lives on the third floor was currently out of town and the family living on the fourth floor was apparently still stuck in their home. The firemen were trying their best to put out the fire and finally after an hour they were able to control it.

On interviewing one of the firemen , he said: ” We thought that the family living on the fourth floor had bleak chances of survival, as we could not hear anyone shouting for help, or any yelling, so probably they were already dead. We went upstairs to bring out the bodies of the people living there, but after a while we heard a barking, a deutsch langhaar was up there trying to wake up it’s owner as he had sensed that something was surely wrong, the dog kept on barking , so we went near the dog to calm it down as we thought his owner was dead as he was not moving. But when we touched the man, he moved and the woman beside him also moved, we were overwhelmed with joy that these people survived, these people told us that they were actually in the other room which caught fire, but the dog frantically woke them up and made sure that they crawled their way back to the room they were in, as the flames had not reached that room. The couple said that the dog had woken them up and didn’t let them loose consciousness, they then thankedĀ  me as I rescued them but I asked them to thank their furry playmate for saving their lives.Honestly speaking, in my career of eighteen years, I haven’t seen a braver and a cuter dog. ”



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