Best tools to use for your social media strategy

We all use social media for one or another purpose, mainly we use it for interacting with our family and friends. So let me tell you, we can use social media to optimize our business as well. I’m going to tell you about six free social media tools that can take your social media strategy to the next level and you can make most of it in your business. So let’s start with the list.

Google Alerts

We all need fresh content every time in our business. For different niches, there are different content. Every day there is some new update, so how can you keep yourself updated? You can keep yourself updated with Google Alerts. You can simply put a keyword in google.com slash alerts and you can get all the new information, all the new blogs, all the news coming up associated with that particular topic, so that can help you in creating fresh content for your social media users.


You can design different form of pictures, different forms of graphics, you can make presentations as well with Canva, and share it with social your social media users. This can give you a new horizon and you can bind your audience, and your audience will be waiting for your next graphic which you are going to post on your social media channels.

Vaporwave Text Generator

An eye-catching text font is as important as a consistent content for your social media posts. If want to create unique and fancy text fonts for your social media posts, Vaporwave Text Generator is an ideal option. Vaporwave text generator is a tool that converts normal fonts to aesthetic text fonts.


So, now you need to compare yourself with your competitors, what they are doing and what you can do to beat them in social media. So, Vaizle is an amazing tool that gives you access to all the analytics of your competitors and you can compare it with your brand. You can add different social media profiles of your brand as well as your competitors’ to get a competitive analysis which will help you to create a social media strategy that can beat your competitors.

Twitter Deck

If you are a twitter enterprise that manages multiple Twitter accounts, then this tool is for you. You can manage multiple accounts on Twitter Deck with a single profile. So, there is no restriction of adding several Twitter accounts in the same Twitter deck. You must try Twitter deck and it’s free of cost as it’s a tool provided by Twitter itself.

Hoot Suite

Hood Suite is a scheduling software in which you can schedule your social media posts. It’s not easy to post every day because we have work one day or another. But, with Hoot Suite, you can schedule your post. It has a free plan that gives you access to about 3 profiles and you can schedule up to 20 posts with that. This tool can help you to stay on social media even if you are away from social media.

So with these 6 free social media tools, you can design your social media strategy and become a social media ninja.


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