Beautiful Connection Between The Earth And Human Body

Our immune framework works its hardest when it’s supercharged with electrons, which can be obtained in plenitude in a surprisingly simple way: by walking shoeless on the earth. Because our feet are locations for the connected solid webbing known as fascia, absorbing vitality through the feet—a practice called grounding or earthing—advances healing all through the entire body. 

A large number of us don’t experience these incredible impacts as significantly as we could because we are continually isolated from the Earth by shoes and sidewalks as much as our bustling minds and calendars. 

Be that as it may, what does it mean to be grounded? Earthing or grounding is a simple method to assimilate the electromagnetic charge of the Earth through physical touch. It permits us to pay tribute to our planet while reaping some genuine, tangible health benefits. 

The Body-Earth Connection 

The body is composed primarily of water and minerals, making it an extraordinary conductor of electricity. When we come into direct contact with the earth—our soles squeezed into the soil, bodies squeezed against the grass, fingers weaving through particles of sand—the free electrons on the earth’s surface are absorbed into the body. This vitality goes through your vitality field and chakras, balancing the body. 

The bottoms of the feet have for quite some time been considered guides of the remainder of the body, so by grounding through the feet, we are simultaneously allowing flows of rejuvenating charges to power our vital organs and synchronize the frameworks of the body. Electrons are likewise likened to antioxidants in their ability to lessen inflammation and stimulate red platelet circulation. 

Your body delivers and uses electrical vitality constantly, however when it receives additional electrons from an outside source, it is ready to purge, repair, and come back to its optimal state all the more efficiently. 

Get Grounded 

  • Meander indiscriminately regularly. We could all walk free with neither shoes nor care. In any case, having our feet touch the grass for expanded measures of time can feel close to impossible. There is consistently a wood floor, a chunk of cement, or a high heel acting as a barrier to conduction. So accept your open doors when you can, walking shoeless or in any event, laying still on the ground to interface your entire body to Mother Earth. 
  • Eat directly from the earth. Another approach to get more grounded is to associate with our planet through the food we eat. Eating locally and organically permits us to ingest the energetic properties from the sun and the soil. We associate back to source through deliberate food choices and the demonstration of mindful eating. 
  • Restore your roots. Set aside the effort to associate with the earth in different manners. Go for a stroll in your favorite park or trail. Meditate by a favorite tree or take up a gardening venture, getting your hands on the earth and growing something living like vegetables, plants, or flowers. 
  • Show gratitude. We regularly stroll through the world taking for granted the transformative vitality and beauty it gives us every day. We love this simple daily petition from Mama Medicine. Let’s assume it so anyone might hear or to yourself next time you’re marveling at nature. 
  • Grounding permits us to take off in all aspects of our lives. Our excursion is a balancing demonstration, and this practice provides a physical and metaphorical means of establishing a characteristic durable foundation from which to bloom, develop, make, live.


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