Barbie Games for Girls

Probably no other game has revolutionized girls’ world in the manner Barbie games have and Barbie games have now become a part of the folklore. Barbie games were first introduced way back in 1959 by Ruth handler as a toy for the girls to enjoy their childhood and the Barbie game soon became a rage for small girls the world over. Barbara Roberts was the name of his daughter and he modeled Barbie games on this doll called Barbie. Barbie games were produced by Mattel toys, U.S.A and they continue to make Barbie games till date. Barbie games have become so popular that a Barbie game sells every few seconds in one or the other part of the world.

Every girl who plays with Barbie games cherishes these dreams later on in her life. The name Barbie Games is so popular that Barbie appears on almost everything that a girl child carries with her to the school be it pencil box, color books, or even water bottles and school bags. With the advancement in technology Barbie games found their way onto the internet and there are numerous Barbie games that little girls can play online. There have been many versions of Barbie games which can be played as offline video games, coloring book games, and online games, and so on.

There are many versions of offline Barbie games that can be downloaded from the internet and played on the computer. Nowadays, many app developers have developed mobile versions of the game that can be played just by downloading the game app in smartphones. Some of the versions of offline Barbie games that can be downloaded from the internet are:

  • Dress up games: In these games, girls allow to pick up the right outfit for Barbie and other heroes and “get ready” them for different events. For that matter, girls can use sets of clothes, hats, scarfs, shoes, accessories, and jewels that game proposes.
  • Barbie hair salon games: Another kind of Barbie games, in which girls can make a new amazing hairstyle for Barbie using a comb, curling irons, iron for smoothing, etc.
  • Makeover games: In this type of game girls learn to create lovely makeup for Barbie using a tone cream, lipstick, blush, eye shadows, nail polish, etc.
  • Doctor games: The plot of the game is to get medical assistance for Barbie or for one of her friends: check the body temperature using a thermometer, apply the nasal spray, clean the wounds, treat a tooth, to take parturition and even make a brain surgery, etc.
  • Barbie cooking games: Playing these kinds of games girls can learn to cook by helping Barbie to prepare delicious dishes. To do this, they would follow the recipe closely, find out all the ingredients, and interact with them to cook and decorate a dish.
  • Barbie musician: In these games girls can choose their favorite musical instrument (guitar, piano, bass, etc.) and pick a melody to play along with or make their own song and even record it and share it with friends.


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