8 Incredibly Useful Software For Windows 10

This article contains a list of the best software/applications for your Windows 10 PC along with the reasons for you to download and use them. Read on to find out about the best applications for your Windows 10 PC.

1. Google App

If you are never tired of Google’s design and prefer to use Google search engine more than anything else, this is the right app for you. Download this app and start making the best use of your search habits. 

2. Wunderlist

If you are looking for the perfect app for organizing your work, this app is the one for you. This app lets you make lists, plan your day, set reminders and a lot more.

3. Duolingo

Are you trying to improve your language skills? This app may be just the one you need to learn a new language. The app is basically a language teaching platform with lots of gamification, rewards and achievements for a variety of quizzes. So, if you want to make learning a new language fun, give this app a try.

4. Skype

Skype is still one of the most popular chat clients for long distance communication. Skype is a great place to start video chatting, sharing pictures and being in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. The app integrates very well with Windows 10.

5. Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a great alternative to Task Manager. It offers you information on the files that are currently in use. It gives you update about each hardware and program that is being used at the moment. When you can’t get all the information you need from your Task Manager, Process Explorer is the best choice for you.

6. Netcut for Windows 10

The software lets you find out who is on your network instantly (IP/Device name/MAC address). You can instantly find all MAC address on your network within seconds. You can turn on & off network on any device connected to your LAN and protect your computers and devices from ARP SPOOF attacks. Here is a quick guide on how to download Netcut for Windows 10.

7. VLC

This media player is one of the most widely used software for Windows devices. This is an open source media player developed by VideoLAN. It is popular for supporting a lot of audio/video formats. It can also be used to stream online content and download YouTube videos.

8. KeePass

Another open source software, KeePass is a password manager which provides an effective solution to organizing and saving passwords for your web accounts and services.

The account credentials for all your accounts are stored in an encrypted file to protect it from attackers. You can import and export data from other password managers and also choose your passwords from a built-in password generator.

Final words…

So, these were some of the most useful software for Windows PC you can use in your daily life. We will do our best to extend this list in the future.

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