Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 

Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana is an initial taken by the government, which aims to reside poor homeless people or to facilitate those with proper electricity, gas connection, sanitation etc, who are living under poor conditioned houses.

  • This Act or yojana was for the goodness of low income groups and or economically weaker sections.
  • The initiator of this yojana was announced in 2015 by our Prime Minister Narendrea Modi Ji, he promised everyone to avail job and houses to all and in order to fulfill his promise, he took this initiative.
  • Many other schemes like saubhagya yojana electricity connection, access to drinking water, jan dhan banking facilities, Ujjwal yojana Lpg connection, and toilets are converged in this scheme.
  • Basically this scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana provides affordable housing to few sections of the country like- economically weaker section and low income groups. i.e., they are not free of cost.

History of the Programme


  • This scheme; Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana was established or introduced in 2015, to provide an affordable housing to urban people.
  • Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme, initially 2 crore houses were proposed to be built (worth an assistance of 2 trillion INR from central government) in urban areas by year2022 (only for economically weaker sections and for low income groups of people).
  • This mission or scheme considered few components; they planned an in-situ slum redevelopment with the participation of private sector using only land as resource.
  • An affordable housing through a subsidy linked as credit.
  • Partnership with private and public sector along with the beneficiary led to construction and enhancement in houses though affordably in this scheme.
  • The assistance from central government will range from INR 1 lakh to INR 2.30 lakhs to hold all necessary components.


About the Programme

  • Under the features of Pradhan Mnatri Awas Yojana, the government is going to provide an interest subsidy of 6.5 % to low income groups and to economically weaker sections and 4 % for MIG I and 3 % for MIG II on housing loans availed to the beneficiary for a period of 20 years under CLSS (Credit link Subsidy Scheme) from the start of the loan to eligible and interested candidates. 
  • An eco friendly technology will be used in the construction of houses lying under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. These houses will be multi leveled and the allocation of ground floors will more preferably get done to either differently abled or older citizens for their convenience.

Eligibility Criteria

Condition of PMAY:


  • Maximum age of the beneficiary is 70 years.
  • The estimated Family income for eligibility of economically weaker section (EWS) is INR 3 Lakhs per annum and INR 6 Lakhs per annum for Lower income group (LIG).
  • And for Middle Income Group (MIG I) the income must be ranging from 6 lakhs to 12 Lakhs per annum and for MIG II it must be between 12 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs per annum.
  • The beneficiary should not have an own dwelling unit on the name of any family member in any part of media.
  • The houses under this scheme will be owned by females or jointly with males.


To know more or to apply for pm awas yojana click pmawasyojana.net.


Why Network Cable tester Is Required?

A link analyzer is an electronic gadget used to confirm the electrical associations in a significant link or other wired get together. Satellite TV analyzers are progression analyzers that confirm the presence of a conductive way between parts of the bargains and check the right wiring of connectors on the link. Fundamentally the analyzer sends a signal from one end of the container to the next, and this will be the message which is transferred through the link, much as would happen in your PC organize. You can think about the LAN analyzer as a tone generator. It creates these tones that travel through the LAN links from one end to the next.

A network cable tester is a gadget that is utilized to test the quality and network of a specific kind of link or other wired gatherings. There is a wide range of sorts of link analyzers, each ready to test a particular kind of link or wire (some might have the option to test various kinds of links or wires). A link analyzer can test whether a link or wire is set up appropriately, associated accurately, and the correspondence quality between the source and goal. 

For PCs, one of the most widely recognized kinds of link analyzers utilized is trying Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 system links. Since such a significant number of various kinds of information can be transmitted over a system link, it is significant that the system link interfaces appropriately between the PC and server. However, the Best Network Cable Tester is a device that can test the link connectivity of all the cable types. 

Additionally, ensure the sign quality between PCs is sufficient for transmitting information and that there is no outside obstruction causing lost information or diminishing in signal quality. A link analyzer can test for these variables and confirm the system links associations are right and will work for the proposed reason.

To test an Ethernet link, you need a link analyzer. There are various models of link analyzers you can buy. Some have a separable beneficiary unit that you can use to test a link crosswise over two rooms. Always try to buy those cable tester that supports all the connection types and offer more durability at work. Like if you are a technician working on the field to check ethernet cables for errors in the line you need to have a device that is more reliable so that you never face any delay in your work. 

These cables testers are easily available on many e-commerce sites and you can buy them by checking on their price, reviews, features and their major drawbacks. Compare all the other brands first and always buy the brand which is the most trusted one and with a minimal amount of drawbacks. If you are not able to find the best reviews on online e-commerce platforms you can just go through the internet websites providing ratings a reviewing these devices so that people can make the best use of their money while buying any kind of device.


Play 8 Ball Pool Like A Pro

The 8-ball pool is played with a white “cue ball” and Fifteen total balls–one black “8-ball” included. One participant attempts to pocket a solid ball, marked between 1-7 balls, while another is going to chase a stripped numbered ball between 9 to 15. Until the participant pokes all the correct balls, whether stripes or solids, a player may not pot the eight ball which is the black colored ball. The participant who pots all the 8 balls at first wins the 8 ball pool game.

Professional players all around the world are playing this game on the same platform and you never know what kind of opponent are you going to face as it is selected randomly by the game server and maybe you are in an initial stage but you got a match with a professional player. You cannot simply control this and this is something which is very annoying about this game that you have to face competitors way bigger than your rank.

If you are also looking for some tips to play like a pro in this game than you are going to read out some information that will help you in defeating the players who are on a higher rank as compared to you. Trick is easy and you just need some basic knowledge about the 8 ball pool game with some basic tactics on how to pot the ball into those holes. You will be able to gran more coins and cash using this simple trick.

Basically, this trick works best on the android devices as compared to IOS platforms but if you are using IOS devices you can also try these tricks, maybe it works for you as well. The way you can compete against the pro is the 8 Ball Pool Hack For Android, by using this simple hack you would be able to unlock all the best cues and tables wit unlimited coins and cash in the 8 ball pool game. 

The hack works in a very simple way, you just have to visit some website proving the “MOD APK” of 8 ball pool and install that APK on your android device but remember you have to uninstall the standard APK of 8 ball pool first and make sure that you have saved all your information and data before deleting that application. IOS users can try downloading the apk but as far as I know, Apple devices do not allow these kinds of APK’s to be installed on their device.

Android users can easily do this by installing the modified APK of 8 ball pool from any website and run the game with almost everything unlocked and this is what many players who are on a higher rank do mostly. They use hacks to raise their level up by beating everyone. You have got unlimited coins so there is no fear of losing coins and cash in the game. Try using this trick on your mobile and if your APK is not running on your device try downloading it from some other website.


Gratuity – Different Rules Different Places

Gratuity is basically a benefit or a form of tip given by an employer to his employees who are giving their services for the same company for a continuous period. The rules and eligibility of gratuity vary from place to place.

Let’s understand how the gratuity amount and eligibility in India differs from that of UAE:

Differences in gratuity may occur on the basis of years of service, the basic salary of the employee, Act passed on behalf of gratuity, etc. 

Different terms are also found for different gratuity schemes.

Now let’s look forward to understanding this difference deeply and properly:

Gratuity in India Gratuity in UAE
Gratuity: Here, gratuity is the sum of the amount paid by an employer to his employee who worked with him for a continuous period of minimum 5 years. Gratuity: Whereas in UAE too gratuity is the sum of the amount paid by an employer to an employee who works with his company for continuous 1 or more years.
Process: This can be given by an employer or even the employee can contribute to his own gratuity. Process: Here only the employer is responsible for gratuity, and if the employer owes some amount to the employee then he may also deduct that amount from his gratuity amount.
Eligibility: The employee who works for a continuous period of 5 or more years with a single employer or in his any establishment then he is entitled with gratuity. Eligibility: The employee who is working with a single employer for even 1 or more years then he is entitled to gratuity.
Calculation: Gratuity in India is calculated by the formula -> N * B * 15 / 26 

Where N is the number of years the employee is working in that same company, B is the latest basic salary drawn by the employee.

Calculation: In UAE the calculation of the gratuity is done by taking the years of service into consideration.

For the service of 1 to 5 years; the gratuity is calculated as the 21 days’ basic salary and after completion of 5 years the gratuity the sum amount of 30 days’ basic salary.

Tax exemption: Gratuity offered to government employees is exempted from income tax.

All individuals coming under Act of Gratuity Payment are exempted from taxes.

Tax exemption: All gratuity amounts are exempted from tax. No tax is imposed on this amount. This is a form of tip or gift which can’t be taxed.
For calculating Gratuity, we can use the preferred formula. It will be the same in every situation. Gratuity calculations will differ from person to person based on his or situation. For example, if a person has been let go or he has willing left will change the gratuity amount.

Make your gratuity in UAE calculation easy, accurate and quick by using the UAE gratuity calculator. With the UAE gratuity calculator, you can now do the gratuity calculations instantly.

NOTE: Gratuity amount is not offered to any of the employees who are terminated or fired due to any misbehavior or due to any serious case.


Coin Master free spin link

Coin Master free spin link

Coin master

Coin master is a free, single-player, casual mobile game created by Moon Active. It released in 2016 and earned its reputation as one of the most interactive games on the market. It has had over 81 millions of downloads (as of October 2019). Coin master is the top-grossing mobile game in the UK (since February 2019) and Germany (since June 2019).




  • The objective of coin master is to earn coins to upgrade items in order to build up villages.
  • A fortune is acquired by spinning and winning, attacking another player’s village or raiding another player’s fortune. (To win few more spins and fortune coin master free spins link is being given here.)
  • Players advance to next village once theirs is built, and they continuously get more challenging as the player progresses.
  • Players continue to spin, win and build through over 200 uniquely themed village adventures, such as LA dreams, Buddhist village, Hell’s village, etc.


  • As of October 2019, Coin’s master has grossed over $508 million in gross revenue. 85% of Coin’s master’s net revenue comes from the U.S, the UK and Germany combined – over $260 from the United States, a dramatic jump in the UK (since February 2019) resulting in $ 80 million, and Germany close behind with $ 52 million.
  • Coin master surpassed Candy Crush Saga as top-grossing game and claimed first place on both the App Store and Google Play Store in Great Britain and Ireland.


  • The commercial version of this app is criticized for targeting children and adolescents leading them in an aggressive way to gambling due to it bypasses federal German Law.
  • Coin master is developed and run by Moon Active Ltd.
  • According to the website OMR, Moon Active earned 280 million US Dollar until October 2019.
  • Coin master is listed as an “adventure game” in app stores but uses game mechanics that are borrowed from the slot machines and can be potentially addictive.
  • In order to build their own game village or attack the villages of other players, the user must play on a slot machine that is strongly reminiscent of one arm bandits.
  • The number of attempts is limited to five per hour, but additional attempts and items can be purchased in loot boxes.
  • Coin master is developed and run by an Israel based company called Moon Active.
  • The company has investors from the gambling industries, such as the former CEO of the Gibraltar based online casino company 888 holdings, Gigi Levy – weiss.
  • In his late-night show in German public TV, Jan Bohmermann described in 2019 how coin master is marketed to children and adolescents despite corresponding denials, among other things through the child – friendly look of the game and the advertising about popular influencers like Bianca Heinicke (“ Bibis Beauty Palace “) or Pietro Lombardi.
  • “Coin master’s ” level 252 has a gambling hall theme.
  • You can earn spins from the coin master free spins link mentioned in this article.



What I Found Best Using Dewalt Air Compressor And Tools

As a contractor, I have many projects that need to be done on a very fast face and without facing any mind of delay. With so many projects to pull off at once a starting team and a strong set of tools and machinery is what I need on a daily basis. A lot of tasks require the use of air guns, drilling, and other brushing and many more big stuff for a continuous long period of time and for that I need a high powered heavy-duty air compressor to run for significantly longer time periods without facing any kind of issues.

Before making a purchase I went through a lot of online reviews of many air compressors and searched for a lot of brands online to compare and see which air compressor brand will suit my purpose and which is most importantly cost-effective as per the usage of the device. Previously I was using Bostitch Air compressor and it worked really well for me from a very long time period but now I have to buy some new air compressor for different locations and buying Bostitch for every location can impact my budget and it will indirectly hamper my earnings. 

I heard a lot about Dewalt and many of my fellow contractors also deployed Dewalt air tools and air compressors, drills, and other tools at their site. Moreover, when I went out, I saw nothing but yellow and black colored devices everywhere. I knew that Dewalt is good and tough when it comes to performance but I never really took an interest in buying one either for me. I got a chance to buy another compressor after so long and I finally decided to go for DeWalt this time and see what this company has to offer.

I went online searching for some reviews and ratings of Dealt devices but I was not able to see what can suit best for my purpose and suddenly I came across a website where I found the perfect Dewalt Air Compressor Review and after reading it out fully and comparing the price and productivity with other brands I purchased 3 Dewalt 60 gallon air compressor for all construction sites.

After deploying it at work and using it personally for some time period I literally felt that this device is a beast and it can surely pull off many hours without facing any fault. 2 of my air compressor worked really well and worked efficiently but the third one came with some issue of air leakage from the valve. Being a regular user of air compressor I knew that this is a very common issue and this can be repaired within some time. Air leakage issues can be there even if you buy bigger brands than Dewalt but the thing that really surprised me was how fast is the service of this brand. I called them up in the morning to fix this issue and they showed up within the next 3 hours and repaired the faulty part with a new one.

After having a very fine and good experience with this brand I will also recommend all of you to go for this brand if you want something that has power, durability, performance and which is cost-effective at the same time.


Tax in Germany

Tax is the compulsory financial charge imposed on taxpayers or on eligible people to pay by the government in order to meet the public expenditures. Not paying taxes even though being eligible is a punishable act according to laws. Taxes may be direct or indirect. The tax was first-ever collected in Ancient Egypt around 3000 – 2800 BC. 

Purpose and Effects of Tax

  • The imposition of taxes is to ensure revenue to fund governing or to alter the prices of the commodity to affect the demand.
  • Many functions are carried out by states by the taxation amount received from people.
  • Some of the functions completed by the government include; Construction of roads, sanitation, public transportation, public safety, legal systems, and health care systems.
  • Scientific researches, military, culture and the arts, data collection and dissemination, public works, operations of government itself, public insurance, etc are also done by the government with revenue.

Types of Taxes

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) published an analysis of the taxes of member countries. Taxes are imposed on almost everything and thus are classified in different categories:


  • Income Tax


Income tax works on Pay as you Earn criteria. In this, the amount to be paid as tax is determined by the amount the taxpayer is earning. It is basically some percent of their annual income. 

For a businessman, it is determined by the net profit or net gain during the tax year. It is also some percent of their earning.


  • Capital gains


Generally, capital gains are a gain on sale of capital assets; assets that are not held for sale in the ordinary course of business. The taxes on capital gains may be on partial or preferential rates. 


  • Corporate


Income tax, capital tax, net – worth tax, or other taxes that impose on corporations are together called as corporate. The rates o tax on corporate may vary from individual taxes or other taxable persons. 


  • Payroll or workforce


Unemployment and similar taxes are often imposed on employers based on total payroll. These taxes may be imposed in both the country and sub country levels.

Goods and Services

Goods and services tax is also known as Value added Tax (VAT). It is usually administrated by requiring the company to complete the Value added tax (VAT). The accountability and auditability are improved by introducing Automated Value Added Tax in many Tax authorities by utilizing computer systems. 

Tax Criteria in Germany

Income tax in Germany is considered progressive. The rates of Income tax in Germany start at 14% and rises incrementally up to 42%. But the rates of tax on very high income are 45%. A maximum tax of 42 % is applicable to the income worth 55, 961 German currency, and for income above 265, 327 a tax of 45 % is applied.

To calculate tax on different incomes in Germany, check this tax calculator for Germany and do it on your ease. This calculator for Germany accounts for rates and income on its own and does not bother the user at any stage.


Tourism Indusrty Will Never See The Edge

The tourism industry in India is booming like anything. Every day lakhs of people come to India as tourists from all around the globe. Tourism has become a good source of revenue generation as it has become a home for many other industries at the same time. Tourism has given rise to the hotel and food industries. Apart from these two major industries, many small scale business has also been painted on the canvas. It has created jobs for many and became the reason behind their introduction.

Tourism has a gamut of benefits, including economic benefits for countries attracting a large number of visitors, due to the money they spend not only on their actual stay but also in local businesses. It also provides a large number of jobs and opportunities for people working in the transport and hospitality industry.

The tourism industry has brought a surge in India’s economy and changed the face of India in front of the entire world. Many people keep on traveling for the business of recreational purposes. There are many individuals who keep traveling in order to explore the world and try new things. People either travel in groups or sometimes prefer traveling alone.

Last year I was traveling to Panipat for some official work. I was traveling with a few of my colleagues. We arrived late at night in Delhi so we decided to stay back for one day and then leave for Panipat the next day.  I consider myself an explorer and I out of curiosity went to see a few nearby places after having my lunch. 

I googled a few places to see around and google suggested to visit Qutub Minar and few other monuments. I was not aware of the Qutub Minar timing. I got out of my hotel and took an auto to Qutub Minar. 

I got down of the auto and went to the ticket counter to ask fo\r the ticket. I didn’t get the ticket as it was closed. They asked me to wait till the evening. As we had to leave by evening, I decided to go back to my hotel. I could not visit it.

If you ever plan to visit, make sure that you visit Qutub Minar timing before leaving your place so that you don’t get back without visiting it. 

Many students are pursuing hospitality and tourism as a career. There are many hotel management and tourism management colleges in India, both private as well as governments.

If you wish to explore the world and get paid. Hospitality and tourism industry will paint it into reality.

The tourism industry is the second largest industry in the world. It is said that when all the sources of income will be on their brink, the tourism industry will be on its bud. The tourism industry is expected to bloom like anything in the future.

I hope you liked the article. Kindly let us know your sincere feedback by commenting below in the comment box


Clear Your Thoughts on Low Residue Diet

To people who need to repair their digestive system, a low-fiber / low residue diet is given. A diet that has high fiber / low residue limits the amount of food that must pass through the large intestine. In addition to limiting fiber-intensive foods, foods that cause residues like milk and milk products may also need to be restricted. Low fiber diet / low residue diet helps relieve symptoms like diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, bowel blockage, constipation, gastroparesis, and other discomforts. For more detailed information on this diet plan, you can try visiting https://lowresiduediet.net and get all your thoughts cleared.

Bouncing Back To Normal Diet

The brief follow-up to the diet helps improve symptoms and make the diet more comfortable. After you have healed your symptoms, you’ll slowly put back in your diet foods that cause high fiber and residue. It is best to use a daily multivitamin with minerals if following the diet for more than two weeks. Contact your doctor or nutritionist if needed. Only your doctor or your dietician/nutritionist will tell you how you have to get back to your normal eating routine and what are the products need to be included in your diet plan.

Why Is It Mandatory To Consult A Doctor

Only the doctor can examine your condition and recommend you this type of diet plan, nobody moves to this type of diet plan intentionally, if you are moving to this diet plan intentionally then you are making a mistake as fiber is a very important nutrient for our body and if you are eating products with low fiber or no fiber of weeks or months then you will start having some issue in your body which can be harmful for your body. Your doctor will tell you a healthy diet plan while on a low residue diet and he will also tell you for how much time you have to follow this. 

Some Food Sources Not Allowed In Low Residue Diet Plan

Check out some basic guidelines which will help you in getting back to your normal routine or normal eating pattern. Here are the things not to eat while on a low residue diet.

  • Prevent seed, nuts or raw or dried fruit products. 
  • Ignore whole grains of bread and cereals, buy processed white flour products. 
  • Don’t consume raw fruits and vegetables before cooking or removing skins. 
  • Reduce dairy and milk to 2 cups per day. If you are intolerant of lactose, use lactose-free products. 
  • Avoid high-fat foods. Use them in moderation.

Is It A Healthy Diet?

Depends on the nutrition plan you are following, as you can see above no such food source is available which can actually make your healthy, but some sources like meat, chicken, milk, eggs, etc are there that are really good as a nutritional source for your body but at the end one major nutrients i.e., the fiber is missing in this diet plan so it cannot be said that it is a healthy diet plan for people.  It is healthy for people who are advised to stick to this diet by their doctor and that to fro some time period Otherwise a diet with an adequate amount of macros and micros is needed to live a disease-free life.


Why your growth is slow in Digital world?

Digital marketing is a platform accessible to all and everyone can make money and reach a maximum number of people and sell them services and products while sitting at home. A person with high-end knowledge on this topic knows everything about this industry but for a newbie, it is quite difficult to use this platform to earn a passive income for life.

Knowledge and tricks on how to gain more customers using digital marketing tools will get you more income but what if you do not know how to use all these tools together to create a bigger user database for your website?  This all depends on your potential, if you are willing to learn something new every day you will go far in this industry. There can be some factors that can help a new person in this industry and you can use these tricks to increase your user retention.

Quality Content

If you are in digital marketing you must know that content is king and the right content will always grab the attention of many users online searching for some quality information.  Try to make your content more attractive and more informative with some formatting and some technical words. Include images and videos in it and always try to write at least 500-600 words on every article.


Search Engine Optimization helps you to index your pages in Google and rank them for your targeted keywords but if you are targeting the wrong keywords, your SEO will not fetch you the results that you want.

Keyword Selection

If you are a starter and you want to rank for your keyword use keywords with SEO difficulty below 10 with high search volume. Do not make the mistake of targeting keywords with high search volume as it may have high competition in your niche and you will have to work for a very long time to rank for that. Always prefer long-tail or medium tail keywords at the start.

Quality Backlinks

Once you have targeted your keyword now you need some quality backlinks from some high authority domain to increase your domain authority which will help you increase your website rank in Google rankings. For this purpose, you can buy some high authority PBNs to create backlinks of your website. If you need to buy PBNs your website, click on this link.

Social Media Presence

Create a page of your website on twitter, facebook, and Instagram and connect all those platforms with your website. Social media is used by everyone presently so take advantage of that platform and increase your web view by sharing everything on your social media pages. This will help you in getting more traffic to your website.

Niche selection

Traffic and user retention also depends on your niche selection. Some common niches like Health and Fitness, Entertainment, Beauty have high competition and it is difficult for you to rank above the already ranking websites here. For that, you need to apply all those methods mentioned above and have patience for some time.

These suggestions will help you if you feel you are growing slow in this digital marketing industry. Do not compare your growth rate with others and always try to read more about new tricks and tips prevailing in the market to increase your knowledge and use this knowledge as an input to make your business model more popular among all.