Gratuity – Different Rules Different Places

Gratuity is basically a benefit or a form of tip given by an employer to his employees who are giving their services for the same company for a continuous period. The rules and eligibility of gratuity vary from place to place.

Let’s understand how the gratuity amount and eligibility in India differs from that of UAE:

Differences in gratuity may occur on the basis of years of service, the basic salary of the employee, Act passed on behalf of gratuity, etc. 

Different terms are also found for different gratuity schemes.

Now let’s look forward to understanding this difference deeply and properly:

Gratuity in India Gratuity in UAE
Gratuity: Here, gratuity is the sum of the amount paid by an employer to his employee who worked with him for a continuous period of minimum 5 years. Gratuity: Whereas in UAE too gratuity is the sum of the amount paid by an employer to an employee who works with his company for continuous 1 or more years.
Process: This can be given by an employer or even the employee can contribute to his own gratuity. Process: Here only the employer is responsible for gratuity, and if the employer owes some amount to the employee then he may also deduct that amount from his gratuity amount.
Eligibility: The employee who works for a continuous period of 5 or more years with a single employer or in his any establishment then he is entitled with gratuity. Eligibility: The employee who is working with a single employer for even 1 or more years then he is entitled to gratuity.
Calculation: Gratuity in India is calculated by the formula -> N * B * 15 / 26 

Where N is the number of years the employee is working in that same company, B is the latest basic salary drawn by the employee.

Calculation: In UAE the calculation of the gratuity is done by taking the years of service into consideration.

For the service of 1 to 5 years; the gratuity is calculated as the 21 days’ basic salary and after completion of 5 years the gratuity the sum amount of 30 days’ basic salary.

Tax exemption: Gratuity offered to government employees is exempted from income tax.

All individuals coming under Act of Gratuity Payment are exempted from taxes.

Tax exemption: All gratuity amounts are exempted from tax. No tax is imposed on this amount. This is a form of tip or gift which can’t be taxed.
For calculating Gratuity, we can use the preferred formula. It will be the same in every situation. Gratuity calculations will differ from person to person based on his or situation. For example, if a person has been let go or he has willing left will change the gratuity amount.

Make your gratuity in UAE calculation easy, accurate and quick by using the UAE gratuity calculator. With the UAE gratuity calculator, you can now do the gratuity calculations instantly.

NOTE: Gratuity amount is not offered to any of the employees who are terminated or fired due to any misbehavior or due to any serious case.


What I Found Best Using Dewalt Air Compressor And Tools

As a contractor, I have many projects that need to be done on a very fast face and without facing any mind of delay. With so many projects to pull off at once a starting team and a strong set of tools and machinery is what I need on a daily basis. A lot of tasks require the use of air guns, drilling, and other brushing and many more big stuff for a continuous long period of time and for that I need a high powered heavy-duty air compressor to run for significantly longer time periods without facing any kind of issues.

Before making a purchase I went through a lot of online reviews of many air compressors and searched for a lot of brands online to compare and see which air compressor brand will suit my purpose and which is most importantly cost-effective as per the usage of the device. Previously I was using Bostitch Air compressor and it worked really well for me from a very long time period but now I have to buy some new air compressor for different locations and buying Bostitch for every location can impact my budget and it will indirectly hamper my earnings. 

I heard a lot about Dewalt and many of my fellow contractors also deployed Dewalt air tools and air compressors, drills, and other tools at their site. Moreover, when I went out, I saw nothing but yellow and black colored devices everywhere. I knew that Dewalt is good and tough when it comes to performance but I never really took an interest in buying one either for me. I got a chance to buy another compressor after so long and I finally decided to go for DeWalt this time and see what this company has to offer.

I went online searching for some reviews and ratings of Dealt devices but I was not able to see what can suit best for my purpose and suddenly I came across a website where I found the perfect Dewalt Air Compressor Review and after reading it out fully and comparing the price and productivity with other brands I purchased 3 Dewalt 60 gallon air compressor for all construction sites.

After deploying it at work and using it personally for some time period I literally felt that this device is a beast and it can surely pull off many hours without facing any fault. 2 of my air compressor worked really well and worked efficiently but the third one came with some issue of air leakage from the valve. Being a regular user of air compressor I knew that this is a very common issue and this can be repaired within some time. Air leakage issues can be there even if you buy bigger brands than Dewalt but the thing that really surprised me was how fast is the service of this brand. I called them up in the morning to fix this issue and they showed up within the next 3 hours and repaired the faulty part with a new one.

After having a very fine and good experience with this brand I will also recommend all of you to go for this brand if you want something that has power, durability, performance and which is cost-effective at the same time.


Tourism Indusrty Will Never See The Edge

The tourism industry in India is booming like anything. Every day lakhs of people come to India as tourists from all around the globe. Tourism has become a good source of revenue generation as it has become a home for many other industries at the same time. Tourism has given rise to the hotel and food industries. Apart from these two major industries, many small scale business has also been painted on the canvas. It has created jobs for many and became the reason behind their introduction.

Tourism has a gamut of benefits, including economic benefits for countries attracting a large number of visitors, due to the money they spend not only on their actual stay but also in local businesses. It also provides a large number of jobs and opportunities for people working in the transport and hospitality industry.

The tourism industry has brought a surge in India’s economy and changed the face of India in front of the entire world. Many people keep on traveling for the business of recreational purposes. There are many individuals who keep traveling in order to explore the world and try new things. People either travel in groups or sometimes prefer traveling alone.

Last year I was traveling to Panipat for some official work. I was traveling with a few of my colleagues. We arrived late at night in Delhi so we decided to stay back for one day and then leave for Panipat the next day.  I consider myself an explorer and I out of curiosity went to see a few nearby places after having my lunch. 

I googled a few places to see around and google suggested to visit Qutub Minar and few other monuments. I was not aware of the Qutub Minar timing. I got out of my hotel and took an auto to Qutub Minar. 

I got down of the auto and went to the ticket counter to ask fo\r the ticket. I didn’t get the ticket as it was closed. They asked me to wait till the evening. As we had to leave by evening, I decided to go back to my hotel. I could not visit it.

If you ever plan to visit, make sure that you visit Qutub Minar timing before leaving your place so that you don’t get back without visiting it. 

Many students are pursuing hospitality and tourism as a career. There are many hotel management and tourism management colleges in India, both private as well as governments.

If you wish to explore the world and get paid. Hospitality and tourism industry will paint it into reality.

The tourism industry is the second largest industry in the world. It is said that when all the sources of income will be on their brink, the tourism industry will be on its bud. The tourism industry is expected to bloom like anything in the future.

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Clear Your Thoughts on Low Residue Diet

To people who need to repair their digestive system, a low-fiber / low residue diet is given. A diet that has high fiber / low residue limits the amount of food that must pass through the large intestine. In addition to limiting fiber-intensive foods, foods that cause residues like milk and milk products may also need to be restricted. Low fiber diet / low residue diet helps relieve symptoms like diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, bowel blockage, constipation, gastroparesis, and other discomforts. For more detailed information on this diet plan, you can try visiting www.Lowresiduediet.net and get all your thoughts cleared.

Bouncing Back To Normal Diet

The brief follow-up to the diet helps improve symptoms and make the diet more comfortable. After you have healed your symptoms, you’ll slowly put back in your diet foods that cause high fiber and residue. It is best to use a daily multivitamin with minerals if following the diet for more than two weeks. Contact your doctor or nutritionist if needed. Only your doctor or your dietician/nutritionist will tell you how you have to get back to your normal eating routine and what are the products need to be included in your diet plan.

Why Is It Mandatory To Consult A Doctor

Only the doctor can examine your condition and recommend you this type of diet plan, nobody moves to this type of diet plan intentionally, if you are moving to this diet plan intentionally then you are making a mistake as fiber is a very important nutrient for our body and if you are eating products with low fiber or no fiber of weeks or months then you will start having some issue in your body which can be harmful for your body. Your doctor will tell you a healthy diet plan while on a low residue diet and he will also tell you for how much time you have to follow this. 

Some Food Sources Not Allowed In Low Residue Diet Plan

Check out some basic guidelines which will help you in getting back to your normal routine or normal eating pattern. Here are the things not to eat while on a low residue diet.

  • Prevent seed, nuts or raw or dried fruit products. 
  • Ignore whole grains of bread and cereals, buy processed white flour products. 
  • Don’t consume raw fruits and vegetables before cooking or removing skins. 
  • Reduce dairy and milk to 2 cups per day. If you are intolerant of lactose, use lactose-free products. 
  • Avoid high-fat foods. Use them in moderation.

Is It A Healthy Diet?

Depends on the nutrition plan you are following, as you can see above no such food source is available which can actually make your healthy, but some sources like meat, chicken, milk, eggs, etc are there that are really good as a nutritional source for your body but at the end one major nutrients i.e., the fiber is missing in this diet plan so it cannot be said that it is a healthy diet plan for people.  It is healthy for people who are advised to stick to this diet by their doctor and that to fro some time period Otherwise a diet with an adequate amount of macros and micros is needed to live a disease-free life.


Why your growth is slow in Digital world?

Digital marketing is a platform accessible to all and everyone can make money and reach a maximum number of people and sell them services and products while sitting at home. A person with high-end knowledge on this topic knows everything about this industry but for a newbie, it is quite difficult to use this platform to earn a passive income for life.

Knowledge and tricks on how to gain more customers using digital marketing tools will get you more income but what if you do not know how to use all these tools together to create a bigger user database for your website?  This all depends on your potential, if you are willing to learn something new every day you will go far in this industry. There can be some factors that can help a new person in this industry and you can use these tricks to increase your user retention.

Quality Content

If you are in digital marketing you must know that content is king and the right content will always grab the attention of many users online searching for some quality information.  Try to make your content more attractive and more informative with some formatting and some technical words. Include images and videos in it and always try to write at least 500-600 words on every article.


Search Engine Optimization helps you to index your pages in Google and rank them for your targeted keywords but if you are targeting the wrong keywords, your SEO will not fetch you the results that you want.

Keyword Selection

If you are a starter and you want to rank for your keyword use keywords with SEO difficulty below 10 with high search volume. Do not make the mistake of targeting keywords with high search volume as it may have high competition in your niche and you will have to work for a very long time to rank for that. Always prefer long-tail or medium tail keywords at the start.

Quality Backlinks

Once you have targeted your keyword now you need some quality backlinks from some high authority domain to increase your domain authority which will help you increase your website rank in Google rankings. For this purpose, you can buy some high authority PBNs to create backlinks of your website. If you need to buy PBNs your website, click on this link.

Social Media Presence

Create a page of your website on twitter, facebook, and Instagram and connect all those platforms with your website. Social media is used by everyone presently so take advantage of that platform and increase your web view by sharing everything on your social media pages. This will help you in getting more traffic to your website.

Niche selection

Traffic and user retention also depends on your niche selection. Some common niches like Health and Fitness, Entertainment, Beauty have high competition and it is difficult for you to rank above the already ranking websites here. For that, you need to apply all those methods mentioned above and have patience for some time.

These suggestions will help you if you feel you are growing slow in this digital marketing industry. Do not compare your growth rate with others and always try to read more about new tricks and tips prevailing in the market to increase your knowledge and use this knowledge as an input to make your business model more popular among all.


How To Start Blogger Website?

Blogging is still considered to be a rewarding profession but the time has changed and the competition is definitely high as compared to the past. Generally people write their own life experiences or they write about something they have knowledge about. Blogging is avery good way to reach out to several people all around the world and share your thoughts with them.

Earlier people use to earn a really good amount by dig blogging because at that time there were not many people into this profession, there was no need for any kind of SEO services to rank your blog on the top. But now the table has changed the competition is very high and every niche is full of blogs. Competition is high does not mean that you will not be able to earn from this source well now some techniques are there in the market which will definitely help you to go on top position. Wse will discuss about these services in the end but now let’s take a look on how you can start your own blogging website.

  • First of all, you need to pick a niche for you blog, like you want to write on technology, entertainment or your personal life experiences. Pick a niche in which you can create many articles.
  • After selecting the niche, do a research on the domain name which can describe your blog so that people can easily understand what you are going to share with them. Always try to pick a short yet meaningful domain name.
  • Buy the domain name and purchase a web hosting for your blog and connect the domain with your hosting.
  • Now create some basic pages of your blog website and add some attractive themes to your website.
  • After creating pages now it’s time to write your blogs, make a research on the topic you are going to write about and do not copy from any other website otherwise it will be spammed and penelties can be levied on you.
  • Make an attractive blog by adding images and highlighting the main text of your blog and write at least 500 above words in your blog.
  • After writing it’s time to do some SEO of your blogs and websites to rank it on google searches.
  • Keep posting content on a regular basis or on a regular interval to make it more engaging.
  • After getting a good traffic on your website and adding at least 10-15 posts, submit your blog website for google adsense.

Maybe some of you might not be able to do some steps and for that you can hire some SEO experts or you can Contact some SEO service resellers who will charge some amount but they will do all the work of keyword research and creating some backlinks of your blog network. This will help your website by adding some authority to your site and you will be able to see it in google searches. Many seo resellers are available online for this purpose and you can easily search for them on google.


Ready Made Websites : A Perfect Business Model

There can be many ways for starting a business and earn a passive income after that  but one of the most trending types of business model is buying Ready Made Websites for Sale.


Domain industry is one of the best investments for anyone in todays time. It offers you a passive income which can be increased over time if you apply the right tricks and put your effort into it. You all are making efforts somewhere like someone is ding a regular nine to five job to earn some income and someone is doing some part time work to generate some income, someone owns a business and a lot of headache with it so why not go into domain industry and start investing in here and make more money by just sitting at your home enjoying your favourite meal. 


Domaining is the best way in todays time to earn as passive income with some clever tricks and a little bit of effort into this. Effort is required everywhere where it is a full time job, part time job or a self employed business. You invest your time, money and effort everywhere and like everything domaining also requires all these things. Maybe you all must be thinking how you can start investing in this industry or how you enter in this marketplace. Well I can give a short brief about this for your better understanding.


If you are planning to move into domaining industry first you have to buy a domain or you can simply buy any starter website or if are an old domainer you can choose established sites or PBNs if you want. You can buy a starter website easily from many websites like-Flippa, Blow.biz, Websitebroker ,FE International.

All these websites are really good and satisfying according to me but websitebroker and FE International are a bit slow in front of Flippa And Blow.biz. These two websites shares some common features of listings but Blow.biz has further classified some more sections which is very good for a new user to buy any website. You can go here and choose from a wide listing of website according to your needs and preferences. Use those filters in the sidebar which is more convenient for anyone who comes to buy some kind of website from here. East payment option with a very simple gateway of payment makes it less time consuming and reliable. 


Once you bought your website from this platform you will get the after sale support as well and you can contact them anytime regarding your query. Now you have got your website watch some simple youtube videos and read some articles on how to use the website to earn income. One of the best methods is start blogging on some common topic and link your website to adsense. It is very easy to link it to google adsense just watch some simple videos on that or read out some articles. Research on some keywords so that you can rank for them and gain more traffic from different sources. Go to forums and ask questions about your query from the experts and after using it for sometime you will be making money from it. Just as I said above you need time, money and effort in this field also.


How To Grow Your Business On Facebook

The time spent online has considerably increased in recent years. This has created an opportunity for online marketers to market their products to a lot more people than ever before. Going by the statistics, the online consumer base is expected to grow exponentially by the next years.

  1. Know your customers and start a conversation

Before really getting started with your business on Facebook, you need to understand who your customers are and initiate a conversation with them. This will not only encourage them to bring forward their ideas and opinions but will help you build a loyal audience. A marketing strategy cannot be really planned without knowing your customer.

  1. Know your customers’ experience and feedback

When it comes to building brand trust, getting your customers’ experience and feedback is really important. The more you involve with your customers, the better it is for your brand.

  1. Solve your customers’ queries on time

A quick time response to your customers’ queries is a trait of a good marketer. It leaves a positive impression on the customers. Make sure to keep customer satisfaction as your top priority and make them feel their significance.

  1. Get more followers

Adding more followers is a must factor when you are really looking forward to expanding your business reach through Facebook. One of the best ways to add more followers to your page is to have more page likes. A few years back I created a website about free HD movies online. I got a lot of traffic to this website from my Facebook page. This website about free HD movies online now gets over 50,000 unique visitors every month. About 1/3rd of the traffic comes from Facebook.

  1. Share good content

When you share content relevant to your audience’s interest, you become more credible for your fans. This is a great way to get connected to a wider audience.

  1. Be consistent

When you are a business owner, you already know the importance of being consistent in whatever you do. Like with all other forms of internet marketing, consistency has a great role to play in Facebook marketing. Be consistent in posting your content and interacting with your audience. With great consistency, you are sure to make the best use of Facebook marketing for your business.

  1. Get Testimonials and Reviews

Having testimonials and reviews on your Facebook Page can give others an insight into the views of your customers on your products and services. This can attract other potential customers to try out those products or services.

  1. Create great video content

Video content is the most popular form of content today. Considering the fact that people love watching videos more than reading, more and more video content are being created to target consumers. When brands create great video content targeted towards their potential audience, it usually gets a great response. Facebook is a great platform for video promotion. Brands and marketers make the most use of this platform for promoting their products and services.

These were some of the suggestions that can make your Facebook marketing in 2018 a great success. If you feel that you could add something to the list above, feel free to post it in the comment section. And, if you found this post helpful, do share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading!


Importance of Jewellery for Women

Every woman is fond of jewellery all over the globe. Women have ample amount of choices in jewellery like earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets. Jewellery has always made them more beautiful and more confident every time. Every woman loves to wear it and wearing the right kind of jewellery at the right occasion adds to their overall look and personality. Women are wearing jewellery from ages and it has become a part of their daily routine. When we talk about the Indian culture, jewellery has a significant effect on the life of woman from ages. In “India”, Jewellery is worn by the women for cultural and religious practices also. An Indian bride is incomplete without jewellery despite the makeup. A successful outfit is not really complete without perfect matching “Jewellery”. Women are passionate about jewellery as it has served as a social status and femininity to them.

If we talk about the Indian culture, we have some traditional values attached to the jewellery of woman. An Indian woman dresses herself according to the culture and here, In “India” we have a diverse culture which means you can see a woman dressing and putting her jewellery differently in almost every culture. I think no one else can carry out these jewellery better than an “Indan woman”. 

Jewellery is popular among the women since ancient times, so you can say that it is now inherited in women, you will always find something missing in a woman’s look if she is not wearing jewellery with her outfit. The look of her outfit looks good only when she is wearing the right type of accessories with it.

Jewellery for women is an important ornament for all the big occasions in her life. She represents herself according to the life event whether it’s her birthday, wedding day or may be any other cultural functions. So, If a man thinks to gift something to his wife or her loved one this is one of the best things you can gift her and make her feel special and complete. 

Not only for women but jewellery is also a good idea for investment, it will also help you out if you have to face some financial problems in future.

So, jewellery plays a crucial part in defining a woman’s look on specific occasions, it has the ability to highlight a woman’s personality and bring out the best look for them. However, if you use over jewellery, it may ruin the whole look of the attire you are wearing.  

If you are planning to buy some beautiful jewellery for anyone you can check out on big outlets near you or you can check them online from their website and you might get a good discount over there. I have checked a few stores as well and i found a website having great products to offer with great discount. You can click on this link and you will be redirected to the website.

 Share you  views and queries with me below in the comment box. Thank you for reading this article.


How the world changed for me

I was blind since eleven. There was so much difficulty in the beginning. Moving around was a big trouble. I used to keep falling every time I was alone trying to walk around. It took me a year to get used to moving with darkness in front of me.

While I was adapting to the new way of living in the world, there came a sense of calmness within me. In two years, I was so used to this new life that I didn’t feel like I was disabled. In fact, I started realizing that I could now work better. There were fewer distractions now and I could get things done faster. This was something that made me feel that being blind was not that bad after all.

But, as all good things come to an end, there came a day when my parents found an eye donor. I was going to get a new pair of eyes. I don’t know what I felt at that moment. I was so comfortable with my life that I was afraid of any kind of change. I was now used to using the tools used by any blind person. I learned how to read and write in Braille. I learned how to use the online braille translator. Using online braille translator was really one of the best things I did as a blind person.

The day I was to be operated, I was super nervous. I didn’t know how the world would look like with my new pair of eyes. There was some kind of creepy feeling that was hard to understand or explain. However, I was operated on and I got my new pair of eyes.

It was strange in the beginning. My vision  was a little hazy for a few days before I could clearly see. My parents were happy. I was too.

But, there was something that disturbed me now. I was a grown up teen. I had missed seeing a lot of things. And now when I see them, I feel strange.

I saw the good. I saw the bad. I saw love. I saw hatred. There was so much to see. It got distracting and disturbing at times. I didn’t know how to handle the emotions that kept coming back from time to time. I sometimes felt like I was better when I was blind. But, a part of me said back to me that it is not so bad to see the world again.

It took me quite some time to get back to living a normal life again. I am 18 now. I feel better. I have accepted things. When asked on the experiences of being blind, I tell people that being blind has actually opened my eyes and enabled me to see things like never before. I have now become a lot more caring and sensitive than I ever was. All these have become possible because of my blindness. I am grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and I do not regret anything. I live life to the fullest now.