Spirituality and youth

The modern world has so many interesting things in store for the youth. Amidst the modernization and urbanization, the youth of today’s modern world has found fascination in spirituality. A lot of youngsters these days are leaned towards spirituality. They have started practicing a spiritual lifestyle and there has been a massive transformation in the way youth perceive life in general.

What makes the youth so attracted to spirituality?

There are various things that have hold that attention of the modern-day youth. The reason for immersive leaning towards spirituality by today’s young generation is not anything in particular. There are many things, in general, that attract youth towards spirituality. If I have to pinpoint one single element or factor that has driven youth towards the spiritual journey, I would say that it is the crystals that have attracted a lot of young people towards spirituality.

Young people are generally not religious. Considering this factor, it is very difficult to understand why a large number of youngsters have found solace in spirituality. If reports are to be believed, most young people find crystals to be a fashion element. It looks cool and gives them a unique outlook. There are many different forms of crystals in the market today. There are natural crystals and there are man-made crystals too. Crystals like Galaxy Opal, Fluorite, Uvarovite, and Titanium aura quartz are among the world’s trendiest ones today.

I, personally, like the Titanium aura quartz. I find it unique and powerful at the same time. 

Is there any harm in being spiritual and not religious?

Religion and spirituality are entirely different aspects on their own. While there certainly are some references about spirituality in various religions, there is no established connection between religion and spirituality. You can be religious and not spiritual. You can also be a spiritual person without being religious. 

Most young people have a unique approach when it comes to following a religion. They do not like to follow a bound religion. They want something customized to their own interests and well being. Crystals are a part of the spiritual practice in different parts of the world. Different people use it for different reasons. A lot of them follow the practice of using or wearing crystals because it is preached in their religion. Such a practice is avoided by young people these days. They are more interested in the healing and aesthetic part of the crystal world. They don’t see it as part of any religious practice. They do not associate it with any religion.

There is absolutely no harm in this kind of an approach. In fact, this is a very practical approach that our elders failed to practice.

What are the other things about crystals that attract the youth?

There is something very peaceful about crystals. They make you feel at peace with the world around you. This is one of the biggest reasons for people to start using crystals. It cures any kind of physical and mental ailments and makes one view the deeper layers of life.


Insects That Feed On Other Insects For Survival

Insects eat from numerous points of view and they eat a tremendous scope of nourishments. Around half are plant-eaters, benefiting from leaves, roots, seeds, nectar, or wood. Aphids and leafhoppers suck up the sap from plants. Asking mantises are predators, chasing other little creatures, including insects like moths, caterpillars, flies, beetles, and arachnids. Insects like mosquitoes and aphids have exceptional mouthparts that assist them with puncturing and suck. Others, similar to professional killer bugs and certain types of female mosquitoes, eat different insects. Here are a few insects that feed on different insects for endurance. 


A few cockroaches eat cockroaches. The Oriental and German cockroaches won’t just eat their dead (whenever), yet when food is scant – eat their eggs and youthful. What’s more, much the same as black widow insects, American cockroach females will once in a while murder and eat their mates. What do cockroaches eat precisely? Indeed, they can benefit from nearly anything despite the fact that it is dreadful. They even feed on dead insects for their endurance. 


Grown-up antlions look rather like damselflies, and albeit a few animal groups chase littler flying insects, the majority of them want to benefit from dust and nectar. Antlion hatchlings, then again, are lethal bug predators, and simply like Arachnocampa, they have built up a most astonishing stunt to catch prey. The antlion at that point covers itself in the base of the pit. At whatever point lamentable creepy-crawly steps on the edge of the pit, the sand breakdown, and the casualty tumbles to the base, and into the antlion hatchling’s fatal jaws. 

Killer Bug 

Killer bugs are among Nature’s most quick executioners. There are a lot of animal varieties, and a large portion of them are innocuous to man. Frequently, a type of professional killer bug will represent considerable authority in a particular sort of prey; for instance, some of them feed just on bugs, others lean toward ants, and so forth. They are furnished with needle-like mouthparts, which they use to infuse deadly salivation into their prey; this spit liquifies the casualty’s innards. In any case, most professional killer bugs aren’t quick flyers or sprinters, so they use slyness to chase. 


The Dragonfly is a definitive airborne enemy of the bug world; its structure is impeccable to such an extent, that it has remained practically unaltered for the last 300 million years. Dragonflies feed on any flying insects they can get, and furthermore on bugs, which they catch from their networks. Dragonfly hatchlings are likewise impressive predators; they are oceanic and utilize their protractile, sharp mouthparts to wound other little creatures to death, including little fish, frogs, and other dragonfly hatchlings. 

Japanese Hornet 

Japanese hornets, otherwise called tiger hornets are enormous wasps that are persevering trackers that slaughter any bug they can catch, including different predators, for example, the imploring mantis. They are equipped with an incredibly intense venom, and infuse great measures of it; like different hornets, they can sting repeatedly. This venom is sufficiently able to cause genuine ailment, and even death, to people; to be sure, they are the most perilous wild creature in Japan, murdering around 40 individuals for each year. However, the Japanese hornet utilizes its sting as a protective weapon just; to execute prey, it utilizes its sharp jaws to behead the person in question and cut its body in little pieces.


Major Gemstone Used In Different Kinds Of Jewelry

There are numerous variables that make something mainstream, particularly with regards to mold and jewelry. Prominence can be founded on the most recent patterns, or prevailing fashions, what’s “in” for that specific season. In some cases, it’s simply a question of what a well-known superstar wore or has been wearing on the most recent famous TV programs or motion pictures. 

While diamonds will never lose their shine as far as ubiquity, another pattern is developing in both the high style jewelry industry just as the engagement/marriage advertisement. Colored gemstones have been slanting since mid-2015, yet have as of late been assembling more steam. Here is a portion of the significant gemstones utilized in jewelry. 


It’s nothing unexpected that diamonds take the top spot of the most well-known gemstones utilized in jewelry. Diamonds come in different colors including yellow, blue, and green with red being the rarest, however, the most very much cherished is the shimmering clear diamond. Diamonds will frequently go with different gemstones in jewelry pieces, however, when utilized alone look marvelous and are prominently included in engagement and wedding bands. Diamonds come in a few colors, including yellow, red, pink, blue, and green, and range in force from swoon to distinctive. As a rule, the more immersed the color, the higher the worth. 


Sapphires incorporate every single different color of sapphire chiefly including the most celebrated blue sapphires and yellow sapphires. Sapphires rank second after Diamond on Moh Hardness scale and are no less beautiful than Diamonds. Sapphires are additionally commonly utilized with Diamond Jewelry as focus stones. Celestially Sapphires are the most looked for after gems and subsequently are consistently popular. Sapphires are supposed to be one of the best diamond substitute for individuals who are searching for diamond jewelry yet can’t bear the cost of it. 


Emeralds are one of the most beautiful green-colored gemstones which have been an image of excellence for old societies and are presently profoundly utilized in jewelry by famous people. There is likewise a tremendous interest for Emerald for Astrological purposes as individuals sport Emerald to pick up benefits like expert articulation, knowledge, shrewdness, and better dynamic. The emerald birthstone vibrates to the energies of the planet Mercury, which is related to knowledge, correspondence, business, deftness in intuition, and expert articulation of discourse. 


Ruby is a heart-focused stone, which essentially justifies the color it is well known in. The birthstone exemplifies the celestial love of the maker and assimilates the equivalent in the wearer. July’s birthstone, the ruby has a solid and energetic dark red color, said to speak to love and enthusiasm, making it incredibly well known among those hoping to depict their adoration and warmth. Numerous individuals are unconscious that rubies are really red sapphires and originated from a similar mineral. Rubies are additionally the customary gift for 40th wedding commemorations. 


Amethysts are supposed to be a quieting stone, speaking to love, bliss, and riches in one’s life. Amethysts were once viewed as more valuable than diamonds until a huge store of them was found in Brazil and Uruguay when they became semi-valuable. Amethyst gemstone is the birthstone of February. Accordingly, each one of those people who are conceived in the long stretch of February should wear this captivating violet or purple color gemstone. Regularly respected being the substitute for valuable stone blue sapphire; wearing it will get the various medical advantages.


Why Are People So Obsessed With Tattoos Today?

Tattoos can signify different implications to different individuals; a few people decide on a tattoo to say something of uniqueness while for other people, a tattoo can represent having a place with a gathering or a group. Tattoos have expanded in prevalence as of late, and they’ve become a genuinely acknowledged type of individual articulation. 

If you know somebody with a few tattoos, you may have heard them notice their “tattoo addiction” or discussion about how they can hardly wait to get another tattoo. Perhaps you feel a similar route about your ink. It’s normal to hear an adoration for tattoos alluded to as an addiction. Numerous individuals accept tattoos can be addictive. 

In the United States, 1 out of each 3 individuals has at any rate one tattoo. Unmistakably, the good old shame that tattoos are a piece of a crude subculture has become a relic of times gone by. Truth be told, human creatures have been designing their bodies with changeless ink for a huge number of years. Tattoos show up over and over across cultures and ages. There is something in particular about getting a tattoo that is for all time a piece of human nature.

Different types of patterns are available in modern society and you can choose what you want or get inked in your body by just watching some tattoo designs on the Instagram page or reading a magazine or brochure. Most common tattoos include cultural tattoos, religious tattoos, funky tattoos, roman number tattoos, and many more. Nowadays roman number tattoos are very commonly seen as many people like to ink themselves with some roman numeral date as it looks cooler and gives an attractive look. If you don’t know from where you can convert some special dates into roman numbers, Click Here to fulfill your purpose and get it done within some days. 

Here are some statistics which may additionally tell you why tattoos hold actual significance in someone’s life.

Sense of Belonging

Human beings were a part of tribes for so long as they have existed. Many gangs get matching tattoos as an illustration that they are truly a part of the group. Of course, not all cliques of human beings with tattoos are criminals. In fact, folks who join the military are commonly in search of a type of brotherhood that they can’t find everywhere else, and getting tattoos all through army providers has ended up a ceremony of passage.

Less Anxiety About Death

Anyone with a tattoo will roll their eyes on the all-too-not unusual question: what will they do about their tattoos when you get older, and their pores and skin begins to sag? Clearly, that opportunity has crossed a person’s mind earlier than getting a tattoo, but they’re making the selection that they don’t care. People with tattoos are much more likely to stay within the moment, highlighting youthful skin, and now not worry an excessive amount about the future.

Ancient Ink

Ancient tattooing tools were located across the globe, so it just goes to reveal that tattoos had been around for hundreds of years. It’s solid evidence that tattoos are a part of human history. However, mustache tattoos may have clearly made up for someone no longer being capable of developing his personal facial hair. The age of tattoos simply proves that it isn’t a modern-day fad and that the reasons why people want to ink their skin are about deeply in human psychology.


Top Variations To Try Instead Of Bench Press

Bench presses are an exercise that can be utilized to condition the muscles of the upper body, including the pectorals, arms, and shoulders. Depending on your objectives, there are different varieties of bench presses that work somewhat different muscles, as well. For instance, a narrower grip bench press additionally works the triceps and lower arms. Bench presses are fit for building your pushing strength and you can quantify that strength with the Max Bench Calculator

Other benefits trusted Source of adding bench presses to your weight-preparing routine incorporate expanding upper body strength, improving solid perseverance, and in any event, setting up your upper body to do developments like pushups. They likewise can be a successful strengthening exercise for sports like running, hockey, and football. 

Inclined Bench Press 

The slope bench press includes sitting on an upwards slant, with your shoulders confronting upwards at about a 45-degree edge. This is a quite decent sort of bench press to do on the grounds that it attempts to focus on your upper chest in excess of a customary bench press, and it likewise focuses on the upper chest muscles significantly more than the lower chest muscles. In addition, the grade bench press additionally focuses on your shoulders without a doubt. Remember that your shoulders ought not and can’t hold up very as much weight as different pieces of your body, so utilizing a lower weight level than for an ordinary bench press is doubtlessly vital. 

Declined Bench Press 

The decay bench press is pretty much the specific inverse of the slope bench press. Rather than resting with your shoulders confronting upwards, they are confronting downwards at a 45-degree edge (generally). Like the slope bench press focuses on your upper chest muscles, the decreased bench press does a progressively careful activity at focusing on your lower chest muscles. The decay bench press, as a rule, targets more muscle strands than the slope bench press. Also, this sort of bench press makes a superior showing with focusing on your triceps than the grade bench press and the ordinary flat bench press. At long last, lifting heavier burdens while doing a decreased bench press is simpler than with the grade and standard bench presses. 

Close Grip Bench Press 

This sort of bench press includes gripping the bar with your hands a lot closer together than with the typical bench press. A definitive aftereffect of this is the close grip bench press doesn’t focus on your chest muscles so much, which implies that your triceps need to stay at work longer than required. Therefore, the close grip bench press is a stunning exercise to accomplish for your triceps. Simply remember that you presumably won’t have the option to lift as much weight on the grounds that your triceps are taking the brunt of the power. 

Reverse Grip Bench Press 

This last variety of the bench press makes them set down a level on a bench simply like with a typical level bench press, however rather than your palms looking ahead, you turn your arms so your palms face backward. This has the impact of focusing on your upper chest in excess of a typical bench press which is on the grounds that your arms are turned. This is really something that you can join with the decay bench press. Remember that you won’t have the option to lift as much weight similarly as with the ordinary bench press.


Barbie Games for Girls

Probably no other game has revolutionized girls’ world in the manner Barbie games have and Barbie games have now become a part of the folklore. Barbie games were first introduced way back in 1959 by Ruth handler as a toy for the girls to enjoy their childhood and the Barbie game soon became a rage for small girls the world over. Barbara Roberts was the name of his daughter and he modeled Barbie games on this doll called Barbie. Barbie games were produced by Mattel toys, U.S.A and they continue to make Barbie games till date. Barbie games have become so popular that a Barbie game sells every few seconds in one or the other part of the world.

Every girl who plays with Barbie games cherishes these dreams later on in her life. The name Barbie Games is so popular that Barbie appears on almost everything that a girl child carries with her to the school be it pencil box, color books, or even water bottles and school bags. With the advancement in technology Barbie games found their way onto the internet and there are numerous Barbie games that little girls can play online. There have been many versions of Barbie games which can be played as offline video games, coloring book games, and online games, and so on.

There are many versions of offline Barbie games that can be downloaded from the internet and played on the computer. Nowadays, many app developers have developed mobile versions of the game that can be played just by downloading the game app in smartphones. Some of the versions of offline Barbie games that can be downloaded from the internet are:

  • Dress up games: In these games, girls allow to pick up the right outfit for Barbie and other heroes and “get ready” them for different events. For that matter, girls can use sets of clothes, hats, scarfs, shoes, accessories, and jewels that game proposes.
  • Barbie hair salon games: Another kind of Barbie games, in which girls can make a new amazing hairstyle for Barbie using a comb, curling irons, iron for smoothing, etc.
  • Makeover games: In this type of game girls learn to create lovely makeup for Barbie using a tone cream, lipstick, blush, eye shadows, nail polish, etc.
  • Doctor games: The plot of the game is to get medical assistance for Barbie or for one of her friends: check the body temperature using a thermometer, apply the nasal spray, clean the wounds, treat a tooth, to take parturition and even make a brain surgery, etc.
  • Barbie cooking games: Playing these kinds of games girls can learn to cook by helping Barbie to prepare delicious dishes. To do this, they would follow the recipe closely, find out all the ingredients, and interact with them to cook and decorate a dish.
  • Barbie musician: In these games girls can choose their favorite musical instrument (guitar, piano, bass, etc.) and pick a melody to play along with or make their own song and even record it and share it with friends.

All About Cats

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well. In this article, I’m going to share all the important details about domestic cats, their anatomy, and their abilities. So, keep reading to find out more. 

The cat is a highly developed complex animal that evolved over 30 million years from the wild creature to the cute companions that we enjoy today. Cats are an almost perfect designed predator and have played an important role in the ancient religions of some cultures. They have been held in high respect all over the world due to their hunting abilities. In the 21st century, the breeds of exotic cats have increasingly assumed a new role as a companion pet. Today they are considered the most popular pet in the world.

Cats are similar in anatomy to other felines, with muscular, flexible bodies, fast reflexes, sharp protractile claws, and teeth that are adapted to killing small prey. Cats can jump up to five times their own length. They are also great climbers and have an exceptional sense of balance. One of the cat’s unique characteristics is its ability to land on its feet after a fall preventing injury most of the time.

The eyes are one of the cat’s most beautiful an attractive feature. Most experts believe that cats are color blind and that color appears meaningless to cats. Cat’s night vision is up to 50% better than ours. They have binocular vision that allows them to focus on an object and judge distance. Their eyes are more sensitive to movement than ours and can detect movement up to around 80 degrees in scope.

Cats are nocturnal predators and they use their acute hearing and ability to see in near darkness to locate prey. Cats can detect sounds higher than those detectable by dogs. Cats can also have an excellent sense of smell and taste that are closely linked. Although many pet cats hunt nothing more than fluffy toys or their owner’s shoes, they retain virtually all of the sensory abilities of a wild hunter.

Unlike most humans, the cat sleeps in fragmented cycles, and not all through the night. The newborn kitten sleeps 60-70% of the time while adult cat levels of sleep remain at about 40-50%

Most cats are meticulous about grooming their coats. By adopting a grooming routine where the whole coat is approached symmetrically and systematically using its pointed tongue and forepaws, the cat can reach parts that are difficult to reach.

Until recent times there were very few breeds of cat. Those that exist were the result of environmental pressure, heavier coats, and larger sizes where cats prey rabbits and smaller sizes where prey consisted of small rodents and birds.

I hope you found some useful information out of this article. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I will be glad to answer your questions. Also, let me know if you want to find out more about exotic cats all around the world.


Shungite – A beautiful journey to experience 

Shungite is one of the most precious stones because of its healing and protective properties. On the basis of the first hand Shungite experience of the people they claim that Shungite works like any treatment, supplement, or pill. Whether we feel the effect or not but Shungite always continues to produce an effect on the EMFs nearby. It converts the vibrational frequencies into biologically compatible frequencies that are friendly with our cells and are saved millions of years ago.

A person with chronic pain who suffered for more than 50 years says that his lifestyle got modified with a variety of tools. It has become a daily challenge for him to deal with it. Medicines failed to bring him to normal. Finally, he brought Shungites and made himself surrounded with it at home and the studio and began noticing an increase in stamina, better focus, more stability and lower pain levels. He says as time flows by, things became better for him and all happened since the magical stone entered his life.

By the use of Shungite, people started getting peaceful sleep. Keeping a piece of Shungite below their bed helped them do so. People love to wear Shungite necklace, pendants both as a cosmetic and as a healer. They wear it 24/7 and started noticing major improvements in their sleep and natural positivity.

People experienced lots of positive aspects from Shungite. Shungite welcomes everyone into its arms and grants its wonderful healing and protective properties, but its large array of various products might seem to be a bit overwhelming, both to newcomers and to Shungite lovers. If you wish to have a comprehensive Shungite experience you should try different items with different purposes. That is why we present to you our list of Shungite must-have items, which will help you to achieve that comprehensive Shungite experience.

Shungite is known not only for its powerful physical healing properties,however, it is also an essential means of spiritual healing, balancing and grounding and the best Shungite item to experience all of this is the Shungite pyramid. Pyramid held great significance for different cultures over the course of history, especially in the ancient Egyptians and Mayans. The modern pyramid is considered as a link between the underworld and the divine that is why they were used as burial chambers. Because of its shape they can be perfect conduct of energy, seizing it from a large area with its broad lower part and directing it through its tip to you. Shungite properties make sure that the area around you is well filtered of negative influences

Some Shungite items are meant to protect very important parts of our body and the Elite Shungite pendant is just one of those. It protects the most important part of the body that is our heart. The dangerous EMFs and 5g radiation are lurking everywhere,so there is a constant need to shield ourselves from its harmful influences and Shungite is helpful in doing that. Elite Shungite pendants eliminate negative energy and promote love and affection. Shungite makes sure that the energy that flows through our body is always positive. Wearing a Shungite bracelet on the left wrist will let flow more masculine energy. Shungite is a great healer of the cardiovascular system. Shungite helps in the healing of damaged tissues and rejuvenates the entire body. Shungite has uncountable beneficial properties all around.


Best Podcasts to listen to in 2020

When it comes to making the best use of our time, there is nothing that can beat listening to podcasts. Podcasts are the future of productivity. When you are traveling, cooking, walking your dog, being all by yourself or simply lying in your bed, you can listen to something or the other on your phone, iPad or whatever device you use. There are a lot of podcasts for you to choose from. They will help you in making the best use of your time and making your time in this world productive.

Here are some of the best podcasts that I love to listen to every day.

  1. On Purpose – By Jay Shetty

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I tune in to this podcast every single day. There is so much wisdom in the words of the host Jay Shetty that you will want to keep listening to him more and more. I especially like the interviews that he does with people from various industries. The show has been recognized as the best podcast show in the world. There is a good reason for that. Jay pours out his heart into recording these podcasts and you can tell this from the way he delivers his messages. It is simply incredible and you will want to get more of him as you keep listening.

  1. The Ranveer Show – By Ranveer Allahbadia

When you are in deep shit in life, tune in to this podcast. You will be surprised at the effect it has on your mind. There never has been a better way to get an instant fresh perspective on life. Ranveer is one of the best people to follow when you are looking for self-improvement. His podcast show “The Ranveer Show” is one of the best podcast shows in the Indian podcast industry. With the increasing number of followers, this guy is set to give a tough competition to the top podcasters in the world today.

  1. All Things Tech

Another interesting podcast is the one by tech enthusiasts, Mark Anthony and Rov Janson. This one is just the right for you if you are into techie things. From the latest tech updates to the ever-evolving changes in the world of technology, you can keep a tab on all these and more when you tune in to this podcast every day. You will be surprised at the kind of content these guys put out. I love the way they deliver this techie information in such a simple manner that even a layman can understand. In one of the episodes, I heard these guys talk about a website called powerfactorcal.com. This is a website where you can find the power factor of the current in your house, your office building or any other place. I find such useful information on this podcast and make use of these to improve my life.

Those are the podcasts I eagerly listen to every day. I find these extremely helpful. I hope you will like them too.


Beautiful Coloured Birds In Our Surroundings

Colours have assumed significant jobs in our lives and we as a whole demonstrate different responses to different hues. Our decision of garments, inside embellishment of homes and even acquisition of things of everyday use are influenced by hues. No big surprise, we as a whole love to see colored birds too. There are numerous types of birds around us which implies there are birds with an assortment of hues around us.Here we have shortlisted probably the most beautiful and brilliant birds that you may see. 

Scarlet Macaw 

Local to tropical South America, Scarlet Macaw is a huge estimated parrot with extremely unmistakable red, yellow and blue hues. It has a whitish skin fix around its eyes and bill and has an exceptionally long tail. The legs and feet are dark and the bill is dim dark at the base however its upper piece is light. The lifespan ranges between 4 to 5 decades however can be longer in imprisonment. They practice monogamy, make their homes in the empty regions of the trees and both consider their more youthful ones. 

Stork-Billed Kingfisher 

Stork-Billed Kingfisher is one of the most popular tree kingfishers in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It is enormous angled as compared to its size and has a mix of hues. Regularly it has a green back and blue tail just as wings. The legs are brilliant red, as is the curiously enormous and beautiful bill. Be that as it may, the plumage example may shift in the 15 races and the zone where it occupies which is around waterways, drifts and close to lakes. They will roost on a tree limb and chase fish, crabs and frogs by jumping down out of nowhere. 

Australian King Parrot 

With male obvious by the red head, bosom and lower undersides, the Australian King Parrot stays one of the most brilliant birds in Eastern Australia. Female parrots have strikingly different green heads and bosoms with dark noses. Natural products, seeds and little insects are their eating routine while occupying two by two or in bunches in muggy and overwhelming backwoods in the eastern drifts and ranges of some portion of the Australian landmass. They are stationary and lay their eggs in empty trunks of the trees with high passageways. 

Gouldian Finch 

One of the most bred in imprisonment and adored flying creatures by aviculturists in Australia yet has shockingly entered the endangered class of wild creatures. Fortunately recuperation plans are on. They might be of shifting hues like mixes of green, yellow and green, however guys chest is generally purple. Shortage of water and nourishment makes them move from tropical savanna forests. They are essentially seed eaters and make their homes in tree gaps for rearing. 

Snowy Plover 

Snowy Plover can be found on sea shores, dry mud, or salt pads. It tends to be found across North and South America, Eurasia, and Africa, yet in North America it is restricted to the Gulf and Pacific coasts, with a couple of inland special cases. In England, it is known as a Kentish Plover. It is one of the most beautiful White Birds that you will find in your lifetime. These birds can’t be seen effectively from your gallery, you need to investigate a few places where they raise and relocate.