Deutsch Langhaar- The cutest rescuer

Dog rescues owner; loyalty praised by everyone

Nebraska, USA : Fire here, fire there, the blazing flames were the only thing visible. A building with four storeys caught a raging fire due to a short circuit in the wiring, and in no time the whole building caught fire. The people living on the first floor escaped quickly as the children in the family were able to “smell something funny” , they quickly informed their parents and all of them came out running through the stairs. As soon as they made it outside, the fire brigade reached the destination as the smoke alarms in the building went off and they were immediately alerted about the splurging fire.

The people living on the second floor, a couple, were fast asleep when the fire broke out , but because the woman woke up to use the facilities, she heard people screaming and yelling outside her room’s window, and as she came near the window , she saw flames engulfing her home, then she shouted on the top of her lungs to wake her husband up from his deep sleep , so that they could escape. Both the husband and wife rushed towards the door, but it was too late, the fire was too close to climb down the stairs, so they went running back to their room’s window and they yelled that there was no way out, so the firemen brought their safety net and asked the couple to fall on the net. The couple, although scared, took a leap of faith and jumped down, holding hands, and praying to god. Luckily, they were safe and no one was hurt. The firemen inquired about the people living on the third and fourth floor, to which the couple said that the man who lives on the third floor was currently out of town and the family living on the fourth floor was apparently still stuck in their home. The firemen were trying their best to put out the fire and finally after an hour they were able to control it.

On interviewing one of the firemen , he said: ” We thought that the family living on the fourth floor had bleak chances of survival, as we could not hear anyone shouting for help, or any yelling, so probably they were already dead. We went upstairs to bring out the bodies of the people living there, but after a while we heard a barking, a deutsch langhaar was up there trying to wake up it’s owner as he had sensed that something was surely wrong, the dog kept on barking , so we went near the dog to calm it down as we thought his owner was dead as he was not moving. But when we touched the man, he moved and the woman beside him also moved, we were overwhelmed with joy that these people survived, these people told us that they were actually in the other room which caught fire, but the dog frantically woke them up and made sure that they crawled their way back to the room they were in, as the flames had not reached that room. The couple said that the dog had woken them up and didn’t let them loose consciousness, they then thanked  me as I rescued them but I asked them to thank their furry playmate for saving their lives.Honestly speaking, in my career of eighteen years, I haven’t seen a braver and a cuter dog. ”



Choosing a career in Fire and Safety

The modern world has so many career options for youngsters to choose from. You can choose from a wide range of options in the fire and safety department and start your career in this field. It is one of the most rewarding options for people who are interested in making a career while serving humanity. There are so many perks in this career. Among these is the advantage of getting free education for children in the field of safety and fire.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the thought of firefighters risking their lives to fight fire and save people’s lives. There was a sense of awe that gripped me when I saw the fire in my neighborhood being stopped by the brave firefighters of the town. 

As a child, I used to be fascinated by things such as tubular heaters and halogen bulbs. I used to spend hours inspecting the bulbs and wonder how fire and light made the world such an interesting place. There was something about fire that always drew me. I used to be elated by the thought of spending evenings sitting around a bonfire at my grandparent’s place.

My fascination with fire and my love for social service made me choose a career in the safety and fire department. I applied for various posts in the Fire Department and got selected for one of the top positions in the sector.

While today I am working towards making my career successful, I sometimes sit and wonder how I got here. Had I not been curious about tubular heaters and other electrical equipment, I would not have chosen this career. This introspection leads me to think about how people come into the safety and fire workforce now. How does the hiring process work? What do people think before getting into this career? Are they driven by passion? Or, do they come for the job just for the money?

Choosing this career has been one of the best decisions for me. I can say this because I have had the experience of saving a lot of lives in this career. There is nothing more satisfying than this feeling. I want to feel this feeling again. When people ask me if I’m happy with this career, I give them the answer in the positive and also tell them that they too should opt for this challenging career. 

One of the most common questions that most young people have about this career is whether this career option is safe for them. I tell them that this is the safest of all options. Not just that, I also let them know how rewarding this career is. My motive with this answer is to motivate more and more young people to join the Safety and Fire department. It is one of the best ways to be of service to humanity.


Know Everything About The Smashing Four Clans

The smashing four games are played on the deck and follow a turn-based strategy just like the pool game. You need to identify the best smashing deck for you that can ensure your victory over the other competitors. Clans are made by the leader and individuals are added to that clan and once the requirement is fulfilled you can start playing the game. The game can be found for android and ios devices from their respective play store and app store. Some more additional information about smashing for clans is given below.

Know About The Clans

Types Of Clans

Basically, there are three ways the clan can be created and each of them has its own perks and drawbacks. It is important to know your clan before actually going into play.


  • Open Clan


Open clans are clear from the name itself that they are open for all the people around the globe until the clan gets filled up. However, there are certain trophy requirements that you may need to fulfill before entering the open clan.


  • Closed Clan


A person cannot join the clan which is now closed. It is understood from the name itself that you cannot join a certain clan at any cost.


  • Joining By Invitation


Here you have to send an invitation to the clan leader or captain to let you in the clan and it is his or her choice to allow you to be a part of the clan or not. You can send the membership request to any clan anywhere in the world.

Different People in Clans

You may find people with different ranks in the clan, positions provided to the people are allocated according to certain conditions. Here are the major positions in the clan.


  • Clan Leader


The clan leader is the person who has created the clan and he is responsible for changing anything in the clan without seeking permission of any other person in the clan. He can accept or decline membership requests and if he leaves the clan he has to appoint a new clan leader before leaving the clan.


  • Clan Captain


The clan captain is the second most important person after the leader in the clan. Captain possesses the same powers as the leader like he or she can include or exclude members from the clan who come under the power of captain. He cannot exclude the leader though. He can also change the clan information.


  • Elder


The elder is the third most important individual in the clan and the person also has the right to accept or decline requests from any new members around the globe. He cannot change any clan information though. 


  • Participants


These are the people who have been accepted into the clan by the clan leader, captain or ender and do not have any special rights like others.


  • Novice


Novice is the last position in the clan and it is the person with no rights and it is considered as a newbie in the clan.

Trophies In Clans

Obviously, if you are playing the game you will get some game goodies and here in the game you get trophies. The trophies that you get while playing in the clan depends upon the ratings of the clan. 

  • Ratings 1 to 10 – 1 trophy cost
  • Ratings 11 to 20 – 0.75 trophy cost
  • Ratings 21 to 30 – 0.5 trophy cost
  • Ratings 31 to 40 – 0.25 trophy cost
  • Ratings 41 to 50 – 0.05 trophy cost

Major Factors That Contributes In Fast Aging

Aging is very common and it happens with everyone with time and there is no such thing, medicine, or treatment to stop this effect on your body. However, some good habits can slow down this process for you to some extent but nothing can stop you at a certain age for a lifetime. We all want to reverse the process of aging and become young and fit as before once we get old but unfortunately, no one can do it and I guess no one will be doing this in the coming future as well. 

This can’t be done but the thing that can be done is to check your lifespan or you can say an approximation of your life longevity. There are certain tools for this purpose, you can even acknowledge your age at a certain time like you want to know your year of birth or someone but you know only his birthdate, it can be done within seconds. For example, what year was I born on if I am 15 years old? Just put your age simply in the tool and put the current year or the year from where you want to calculate it and watch the results with just one click.

Factors Behind fast Aging Process

To Much Stress

Stress hormones in your body always try to slow down every natural process in your body. The brain functioning is reduced and you always feel tense even when you are asleep which has a very negative effect on your body. Stress is one of the major factors why people at a young age start getting old and they even develop grey hairs on their head and on their face due to too much stress. Avoid stress by investing your time in something fruitful or something that you enjoy doing in your free time.

Eating Unhealthy

Eating healthy will have positive effects on your body but if you are eating unhealthy and too refined carbs in your daily routine, then you may have to face your old age at an early age compared to people who follow a very healthy eating lifestyle. You should add fats, proteins, and carbs to your diet but in a very balanced way that has positive effects on your body. Avoid food that is fried, high in sodium, high in sugar, and contains too much starch.

Inactive Lifestyle

An inactive lifestyle is yet another reason why people are facing an early aging process. If you are lazy and do not do any kind of physical activity at all, your body organs will start working in an inappropriate way and you will start facing health issues after some time. Your body needs constant movement and your muscles need constant tension so that they can be active and burn calories that you are eating. If not vigorous, add a one-hour session of moderate-intensity workout in your daily life to avoid early aging.

Getting Overweight

If you live a stressful and inactive lifestyle, you will face an early age in your life. Another side-effect of such a poor lifestyle is adding so many pounds. Adding fat tissue causes inflammation in the body and the organs, which is a factor in accelerated aging. More fat also enhances the existence of senescent cells, which can no longer differentiate and ultimately die. Choose an active lifestyle to avoid such conditions.


Does Schipperkes Always Have A Black Coloured Coat?

The most right Schipperkes are solid black puppies, but there are other shades and they can be seen under the guidelines of certain kennel clubs, even if not most of them. Most of the other shades considered to occur in the breed are prohibited due to health purposes, such as the hue concentration of alopecia correlated with a blue concentration in certain species. 

The AKC and FCI guidelines require a fully black dog, the Kennel Club (UK) requires all whole colors” but favors black. This implies that the normal shade of this species is black but only owing to the combination of other mutations, it can be turned into white, brown, or blue schipperke.

As for the scientific knowledge: two groups of mutations regulate the appearance of the Schipperke, the “B” mutation that creates the black coat, the “E” mutation that allows the dark color to be produced in the coat. Every Schipperke has both from each, and thus in several Schips, the position of the color in the chromosomes can be defined as “BBEE” with one word originating from every parent. 

VetGen analysis on the genetic locus and the version that creates non-black skins has only recently been implemented to the publication. Variability in the “B” locus is commonly seen with “b” an additional and recessive trait that appears in shades such as brown or chocolate, possibly even blue. Variations in the “E” locus are often seen as “e” an alternate and unknown factor that stops dark pigment from developing in the fur. Both factors in this locus should be “e” to create a fawn or a blonde Schipperke.

The very first aspect that we have discovered is that every color is included in the schipperke requirements for Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Although only blacks are permissible in the US and Europe. 

As illustrated by the US Schipperke Club, there has been discussion of several other shades that dates back to the creation of schipperkes: 

The concept that the colored schipperkes emerge in their past when someone’s wasp crawled over the wall and pounded some little schipperke, is large without reason. Schipperke has been appearing in other combinations since the norm was in effect previously. 

At the Brussels conference of about 50 Schipperke enthusiasts in 1888, the proposed norm for Schipperke was examined and a range of line-by-line changes was introduced and decided on. Among such changes was the suggestion that perhaps the shades “chocolate, red, grey, and white” should be acknowledged as “equivalently appropriate.” The suggestion was “vigorously” rejected, but if the shades hadn’t already occurred they would obviously not have been stated.

Resistance to the idea of a Schip of a color other than Black is rooted in the conviction by some that it is evidence of a lack of pure Schipperke breeding, that it comes from some accidental cross-breeding and is not to be tolerated in a “purebred” dog.

So, essentially, it’s the age-old mixed breed stuff. Although it was completely normal, shades apart from black were not encouraged and thus sought to make it keep it quiet. UK breeders were the first one to modify the norm to enable many other shades. 

They state very simply stated the fact here: 

Color is a hereditary recessive mutation that is immune to all laws on the heritable traits. The main composition in Schipperke is black, and the genetic hue trait can be spread covertly for several years, emerging only when the sender is bonded to some other provider.


Benefits of health insurance in Dubai

Life is precious, and for a healthy life, you must check-up your body regularly. Complete check-up of your body once a year is necessary, but you ignore it due to the huge medical bill. In order to safeguard your finances against high medical bills, it is necessary to invest in a health insurance plan. A health insurance policy is a very good option to cut down those medical bills. They look after your complete medical expenses, right from the beginning till the end (i.e. travelling by ambulance to a hospital, medical expenses, medical room rent, etc.).

There are many health insurance companies in the country, and they give various facilities according to the company’s rules.

The main purpose of medical insurance is to receive the best medical care without any strain on your finances. But I found quality and productivity at the Health insurance companies in Dubai. You can get numerous benefits in buying health insurance in Dubai. Here are some of the companies’ health schemes like ISAHD, Enaya, SAADA, iPROMeS under the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

They provide a broad range of cover and almost all types of ailments, whether it is chronic or acute. It covers hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, domiciliary expenses, and ambulance charges, among many others. Preventive measures of treatments are also taken, along with routine health check-ups. Health insurance offers comprehensive benefits, like maternity, pre-existing and chronic diseases too. From the maternity period to the day the baby is born and afterward, all the medical expenses are provided by the insurance company. So, you won’t find any difficulties in the hospital about your financial problem, if any. Coming to chronic diseases, your body is checked regularly and treated in the best hospital. All the hospitals are high tech and computer-based, so there is no chance of getting ignored. You’re deeply observed and the diseases are cured from the root. Apart from acute and chronic diseases, they cover life-threatening diseases such as heart transplant,  kidney failure, bone marrow transplant, loss of limbs, stroke and many others.

Most importantly is that all the expenses are cashless. You won’t have to make a payment from your pocket because the hospitalization expenses are settled between the insurance company and the hospital.

Here are some details on the companies listed above:

  1. ISAHD  – Health companies schemes like ISAHD (meaning bringing happiness) intend to provide sustainable high-quality healthcare in Dubai for nationals, residents and visitors, in a quest to become the No.1 healthcare. The two main pillars are to provide insurance coverage for everyone in Dubai and to give a sustainable high-quality healthcare system.
  2. ENAYA – ENAYA was developed by the government of Dubai to provide benefits in healthcare for all its employees as well as their families’ health and well-being.
  3. SAADA  – SAADA is a health insurance program for the citizens of Dubai. It provides the finest and best services through a large network of healthcare providers in the private sector.

Keeping these benefits in mind from the numerous healthcare schemes of different countries, I found the best benefit of health insurance in Dubai. 

There are many more initiatives by the Government and the health insurance companies in Dubai. However, these are the ones that are the most popular.


What If You Get Caught Hacking The 8 Ball Game?

‘8 Ball Pool’ is the most famous game in Miniclip’s collection. You can download and play the game online on your mobile and on your pc as well. 8 Ball Pool got numerous hacks yet another hack just arrived a couple of weeks back, and Miniclip has already begun giving lasting boycotts to the majority of the people who utilized it. Given recent developments, we figured out that it is important to remind our readers of the designer’s present policy.


The chief reason anybody would get this show on the road from 8-Ball Pool is on the grounds that they mishandled an in-game glitch that offered easy wins or free cash. Likely the most damaging source is modified Android and iOS application files downloaded from nefarious corners of the web. At the point when they work, they offer quite a few ways to fast leveling. Using anything like that is a serious offense that is aggressively impeded by Miniclip

On your first offense, you’ll be hailed. At the point when that occurs, quit using any hacks or cheats immediately. Your record will basically be completely reset, however, you’ll still have the option to play. Any cheating after that outcome in a lasting boycott. 

It’s additionally possible you didn’t do any of the above things and were really restricted unintentionally. It doesn’t occur frequently, however, it’s not impossible. 


That is presumably a famous question for any individual who’s run over this article, and, tragically, we don’t have an extraordinary answer. The best thing you can do in such a manner is to contact the Miniclip uphold team. From that point, you’ll be taken to a structure. Select 8-Ball Pool as the game name and fill in the required information. 

The main way you’ll even get an opportunity of getting your record unbanned is if the deed was done absolutely coincidentally. Backing will have the option to advise if you’re lying to them. Anybody using cheats or hacks most likely won’t get their details reestablished through this technique. 


As of now, the answer to that question is yes. The easiest method to do this is to play on another device or take a stab at reinstalling the application. The last technique doesn’t generally work. Another idea is to fill out the help structure above and ask for your hacking record to be erased. With the awful one gone, you ought to have the option to set up another one by standard methods. 

Our best advice is to not utilize programming cheats in 8-Ball Pool or some other multiplayer mobile game so far as that is concerned. It’s initially amusing to rise up the positions for free, however, it’s not worth the punishment. 


Well, individuals who are using the hacks for collecting the 8 ball coins must be influenced by the boycott however those you were trying to utilize the hack have an option here. Your parents can help with the coins generator for an 8 ball pool game and never get noticed by the game workers. The coin generator has an edge over hack here as it never gets the attention of the game producers and you can utilize it to benefit yourself by generating the number of coins you wish to have. Read more about the generator from the link provided here.


Everything About The Obsidian Gemstone In Brief

Obsidian is a molten stone with a glassy structure that is created during the quick cooling of volcanic lava. It is commonly dull green, brown, or black, however, a few stones are almost colorless and others have interesting examples and shades of color. 

Individuals of early societies utilized obsidian to deliver weapons, devices, mirrors, and beautifying objects. It is presently utilized for manufacturing careful surgical tool edges, as the cutting edge edges can be made to move toward sub-atomic thinness. Furthermore, the stone continues to be utilized for elaborate purposes and as a gemstone. 

Formation And Occurrence 

Obsidian is created from volcanoes when felsic lava cools and freezes without adequate time for crystal development. It is ordinarily found in areas where the cooling of lava was fast, for example, at the margins of the lava streams and in places where the lava entered a lake or ocean. This stone can be classified as an “extrusive” molten stone. 

This glassy stone is metastable—after some time, it turns out to be fine-grained, mineral crystals. The breakdown of obsidian is quickened by the presence of water. Therefore, no obsidian has been discovered that is more established than the Cretaceous age. Tektites were once thought by numerous individuals to be obsidian created by lunar volcanic emissions, yet barely any researchers as of now underwrite this speculation. 

Appearance Of The Gemstone

Obsidian comprises mainly silicon dioxide, normally 70% or more. Its structure is fundamentally the same as that of rock and rhyolite. It is moderately delicate, with a run of the mill hardness of 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Its general thickness is roughly 2.6. Like some other kind of glass and some different sorts of naturally occurring rocks, it breaks with a trademark conchoidal crack. 

Somehow or another, obsidian takes after quartz due to their comparative synthetic cosmetics. Quartz, however, is crystalline, and a few of its properties accordingly differ from those of obsidian. 

Unadulterated obsidian is normally dim in appearance or you can say it is black obsidian, yet the color differs depending on the presence of debasements. The presence of iron and magnesium normally gives the material a dull green or brown or black color. 

How Is It Used Presently? 

Obsidian is utilized in heart medical procedure, as well-made obsidian edges have a cutting edge up to multiple times sharper than top-notch steel careful surgical tools, with the edge reaching genuine atomic thinness. It creates a cleaner cut and less tissue injury, which means faster healing and less scar tissue. 

This stone is additionally utilized for fancy purposes and as a gemstone, for it has the curious property of presenting a different appearance according to the way wherein it is cut. At the point when cut one way it is a beautiful dark black; when cut over another bearing it is glistening dim. 

How Is It Used In The Past? 

Obsidian was exceptionally esteemed in certain Stone Age societies since, like flint, it could be fractured to create sharp cutting edges or pointed stones. It was additionally cleaned to make early mirrors. 

Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans utilized obsidian widely. For instance, they cut and worked obsidian for devices and beautiful items. The antiquated Mesoamericans additionally made a sort of sword with obsidian edges mounted in a wooden body. Called a macuahuitl, the weapon was fit for inflicting awful injuries, combining the sharp cutting edge of an obsidian edge with the worn-out cut of a serrated weapon that brought dread.


Top Five Best Doodle Creation Platforms Of All Time

Doodling is a fantastic route through which we can be creative without exhausting our psychological assets. Doodles can be the two videos that are short and fun as well as images that were made without much exertion. 

Advertisers, advertisers, and business communicators need to utilize more animation, motion, and doodle videos in requests to stand out for viewers like never before. Doodles can assist them with passing on their messages all the more powerfully and efficiently. Without using the right instrument, this is truly hard to obtain. 

This is the reason for which we picked the absolute Best Doodle softwares that are available right at this point. Look at these devices and see which one turns out best for you. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading item with regard to video editing. This professional program has all the instruments and features expected to make and compile a video without any preparation. 

The outcome is typically Hollywood-level production that can be made from the solace of your own work area. The time-line based editing makes it so anybody with minimal experience editing videos can comprehend the UI immediately. 

After the video is compiled, you can export it to include additional special impacts in different instruments, for example, Adobe After Effects with which Adobe Premiere Pro is completely compatible. 

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator is focused in addition to those that need to make image doodles. This vector-based image editor accompanies a similar complete arrangement of devices that you have to make workmanship without any preparation, ranging from photorealistic backdrops to the normal free-hand doodles that a child could appreciate. 

While everybody realizes that most Adobe items are subscription-based, you should realize that you can apply for a 7-day trial during which you can try out any item included in the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Doodly Animation Software 

Doodly has positioned itself as a go-to software for any individual who has little to no technical skills. You can go into the market right away by creating videos with Doodly. It has intuitive apparatuses that permit you to make a professional video in a brief timeframe. 

The investigation shows that embedding a video can increase organic traffic by as high as 157%. With Doodly, you can quickly make and publish videos without spending a ton of time on the production cycle. 


VideoScribe is a marketing device that is demonstrated to increase the speed of learning. This is utilized by various companies in request to catch an eye on social media. With this software, you can make doodles and animation easily regardless of whether you’re simply a beginner. 

VideoScribe provides business solutions, allowing you to draw in possibilities, instruct workers, dispatch items, and build your image. VideoScribe is the education instrument of the two kindergartens and worldwide pioneers. Using this device, you will have the option to make doodles and animation videos easily, quickly, and inexpensively. 

Easy Sketch Pro 

Easy Sketch Pro has an easy-to-utilize drag and drops apparatus combined with a friendly UI that makes whiteboard animation video creation easy and fun simultaneously. This software, after you transfer any video, will automatically make an opening scene with fantastic impacts for your live video. 

You can draw or import outlines, images, music, and video in this software. You likewise get a library brimming with interactive media files, and you gain admittance to its video analytic instrument to assist you with improving your video as you go.


Essential Info Before Feeding Bananas To Bearded Dragon

Bananas are great, and we realize that dragons appreciate eating fruit as a feature of a sound diet however are bananas edible for bearded dragons? Truly, bananas are a sheltered fruit for your beardie to appreciate. It should just be given occasionally. Keeping it to a minimum will guarantee bananas are a sheltered treat. 


Bananas are great for us people, however, for bearded dragons, it is a different story. The fruit is high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is known for binding to calcium, which can prompt MBD in bearded dragons. 

The dragon may risk becoming calcium inadequate and could wind up with weak bones because of eating an excess of bananas. This is what you get with 100g of banana: 

  • Calcium 5 mg 
  • Phosphorus 22mg 
  • Iron .3 mg 
  • Sodium 1 g 
  • Magnesium 27g 

Aside from this, bananas have heaps of regular sugar, which isn’t useful for your bearded dragon. An excessive amount of sugar can lead a bearded dragon to get corpulent. 


First of all, it is a great method to give your dragon some advancement in his life. Eating other food can be a great method to separate the standard routine of crickets, insects, and veggies. Furthermore, keeping it uncommon will make it pleasant and exceptional for your dragon. 

Aside from being a treat, the surface of a banana is delicate. It’s easy to bite and make the most of your dragon. Furthermore, dragons can eat skin with no dread. If a piece gets into the territory coincidentally and your beardie eats it, it won’t bring any mischief. 


Your dragon is going to cherish bananas and will conceivably charmingly gaze at you in trusts you cut another little piece off. Fight the temptation to do this and now we will find out why. 

Indeed, the high phosphorus levels in the banana are the main point of concern. Bearded dragons need heaps of calcium to maintain sound bones. This is the reason you dust their food with a calcium supplement. 


To find out regarding why the equalization of calcium and phosphate matter, I examined a reality sheet from Kidney Health Australia. First of all, what is phosphate? It is a mineral that combines with calcium and hence shapes the hardness of our teeth and bones. 

Calcium is put away in bones, and dragons need it to remain solid. Dragons get calcium from the food they eat, and if the levels are excessively low, calcium is taken from the issues that remain to be worked out up the difference. 

Kidneys are the controllers of calcium and phosphate in the body, and if their capacity is undermined, abundance phosphate cannot be ousted. It will work in the body of the dragon and bind to calcium, which lowers the degrees of calcium in the body. 

Along these lines, calcium is pulled from the bones of the bearded dragon, leading them to be distorted and weak or create MBD. 


Bananas are not destructive to your dragon. A little piece won’t hurt them. Enormous amounts, then again, will. Different foods are this way, as well, specifically high oxalate foods. Spinach is one such model. The oxalate in this food bind to calcium, which makes the calcium leave your dragon’s body as a type of waste. Better alternatives for the bearded dragon include collard greens, turnip greens, or even green beans.